These 14 Tattoos Are Red Flags In Romantic Relationships

These 14 Tattoos Are Red Flags In Romantic Relationships

Tattoos can tell you a lot about a person. After all, they wouldn’t get a design tattooed onto their body unless it meant a lot to them. That’s why you should be careful when dating because these tattoos can be major red flags:

“Ex’s name. Bonus points if there’s more than one.” — WitheredFlowers

“Scorpions. It’s not a zodiac thing, though it does include a number of people with that sign. Just identifying with scorpions has correlated with being someone who has no issues messing things up for others, for gain, from boredom, out of a sense of justified spitefulness after some real or imagined slight… Alone, it wouldn’t be enough for me to write someone off completely, but it’s going to put me on my guard. If someone was an entomologist, for example, less of a flag.” — CaligoAccedito

“The number 88. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. 88 = HH = Heil Hitler.” — SabertoothGuineaPig

“Tear drop under the eye. A teardrop under the eye, if just an outline, usually means the wearer has suffered pain, or more likely caused pain, or served significant time, for their associates (gang). Perhaps 15 years. A filled-in solid teardrop usually means the wearer has caused death for their associates (gang).” — scareintheair

“If a man has tattoos of naked women.” — Minimum-Lobster-8252

“Childhood characters doing something unsavory. Like Winnie the Pooh in a dominatrix outfit. Decapitated Pikachu. Something like that.” — Manateebae

“Brand logos of any kind. If you like any corporation enough to get their logo tattooed on you, I’m guessing we have some major ideological differences.” — P0ster_Nutbag

“The confederate flag is a big one.” — oldbroadcaster2826

“Eyeball tattoos. As in having your eyeball colored permanently. No, just no. Use cool contacts. Don’t take the chance of blinding yourself.” — kejovo

“Racist crap (here in Poland that would mainly be swastikas and other Nazi stuff). I mean what kind of idiot does one have to be to wear such tattoo in a country where Nazis exterminated 6 millions of people?” — poorchava

“Something in a language they don’t speak.” — Hullaba-Loo

“Bible/gospel quotes are an immediate no from me.” — Snailpics

“Tribal symbols. I mean unless they’re a part of said tribe, if it’s done just because they think it’s quirky.” — TheEmptySpoon

“Cuss words in a visible place.” — AggravatingTear2879