These 16 Green Flags Mean He's Worth The Time And Effort
Jocelyn Allen

These 16 Green Flags Mean He’s Worth The Time And Effort

Looking for love isn’t easy, but there are certain qualities you should keep an eye out for when dating. Qualities that prove someone is at least worth a little of your time. Here are some green flags to search for in a romantic partner in the new year:

“Non-picky eaters. Being willing to try anything, despite never hearing about it, is a wonderful quality. It makes cooking for these men (as someone who likes to cook) an exciting and fun thing to do, and shows they’d be willing to explore new things about themselves with you.” — jade__cat

“Men who like cats, and who cats like back. Seeing men read and respect a cat’s boundaries is a BIG green flag.” — jade__cat

“If they’re separated, they don’t talk smack about their ex. Friends I’ve known who are quick to slag off their ex tend to be impulsive, lack empathy, have poor emotional regulation, or make poor relationship choices. Their relationships break down and they are the only ones surprised by it. Smack talk about ex partners requires a certain level of trust, and should be done reservedly. This goes for men and women. Just my opinion.” — PonyKiller81

“He has a diverse friend group. It shows they’re generally open minded and probably have a bit of perspective.” — Sub3arthling

“They can contradict your opinion without ridiculing it. I have some friends who I can talk with about whatever I want and they always share their honest opinion if asked. They never give me a devalued feeling if theirs is different from mine. They enjoy our differences.” — Deluxe_Chickenmancer

“When he does not care if you are on your period. I understand there are men out there who don’t like blood but there are others who make such a big deal about periods for no reason, especially if they wanna do the deed.” — blue_destiny_888

“Not overly concerned about a man’s role in a relationship versus a woman’s role in a relationship. He’s only concerned with treating his partner the way you want to be treated.” — honeyblob7

“He talks about his passions with you. Some guys don’t talk about the stuff they reaaaally like with their friends (reading, painting and stuff like that), so if he shares it with you it probably means he trusts you” — Odysseus_unknwn

“They really listen when people talk, rather than just listening to respond.” — jayadancer

“When they sit down on your couch and your cat that usually hates everyone warms up to him and starts cuddling/purring. Animal/Pet body language can speak volumes.” — MajorThor

“He’s not afraid to talk about his feelings and, when he does so, he does it in a mature and non-manipulative way” — rock-mommy

“Ability to admit fault and then improve. Not just promise, not try, but actually grow. Doesn’t have to be a lot but it does have to be consistent.” — gonzophilosophy

“The random small and kind gestures. Example being, he goes to the store to get himself like… a bottle of shampoo or something and gets you your favorite candy bar just because he thought about you.” — ilyxo

“Being proactive about spending time together.” — Bugaloon

“When he meets your friends, he makes eye contact and speaks with them like they are important.” — shaidyn

“Kindness towards friends and animals. Has goals. His space is realistically clean. He cooks for himself.” — M-Rage