Mikhail Nilov

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are A Leo’s Greatest Love Matches

When it comes to matters of the heart, this royal feline rules the space between two lungs with passionate devotion and fire! Governed by the bright and radiant Sun and symbolizing true strength and courage, you bet it takes one hell of a partner to match this fire energy.

Here are the top three best-suited partners for the regal sign of the Lion—or should I say, those worthy of being chosen!

1. Libra

When it comes to elegance and style, no one can do it better than Libra. This aspect connects the balanced air sign with Leo’s fixed nature.

Both Libra and Leo have a taste for luxury and beauty, and when they are together, you can guarantee their time together will be filled with fine wine, good cuisine, and great conversation. Libra will love the refinements of Leo and enjoy the regal company the sun sign offers. While in return, Leo will admire Libra’s eye for beauty, thanks to Libra’s ruling planet Venus.

This match is like a fine dining experience with a Broadway show for dessert!

2. Aries

Fire meets fire, and it can get hot! Naturally drawn to the eternal flame that is Leo, this son of Mars driven by passion and sometimes force, Aries will almost always spot a Leo in a crowd and spare no time to “conquer” them.

These two signs match each other on a passion-filled and cardinal level, as both of them can share a fiery spark like no other. Leo is attracted to the sign of Mars because of their will, perseverance, and fire!

3. Gemini

What happens when fire meets ice? In the case of witty, charming, and handsome Gemini, the twin sign of Mercury cannot resist a fiery interaction with the flamboyant Leo. Both Leo and Gemini connect on an intellectual level, giving them the potential to build a steady flame for intimacy while cultivating a friendship filled with laughter and lightheartedness.

Leo, being in the 5th house of pleasure, creativity, and children, will be drawn by Geminis friendly, childlike nature, and in contrast, Gemini will be captivated by Leo’s ability to make base metal to gold with sheer creativity.

This match between cool-changing air and steady ever-burning fire can be the yin and yang of the zodiac.