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These 4 Signs Will Have The Most Transformative Week, Thanks To Saturn And The Full Moon

Mutable signs will be the most impacted by Saturn in Pisces and the Full Moon in Virgo. For the next several years, until 2026, Saturn will be in the sign of Pisces. The last time mutable placements felt the challenges of Saturn was when Saturn was in the sign of Sagittarius back in 2014. During this time, there will be themes from Saturn in Sagittarius. We will need to think back and tap into the wealth of knowledge we acquired during that time. Although some lessons will echo from that period, we are also presented with new methods to help us improve. Saturn can be scary, but it allows us to gain inner strength and self-confidence. With this sour medicine, we can navigate the challenges and changes that may come. See how this transit will impact your Rising, Sun, and Moon sign.


Building on your accomplishments during these transits will be essential for you. Saturn will focus on the highest point in your chart, while the Full Moon in Virgo will allow you to create and assemble your dreams. Saturn will feel tedious, but you know that you have enough momentum to accept the changes and go with the flow because Saturn in Aquarius has taught you how to take the initiative and to make changes when needed. This confidence you have acquired over the last several years will be a building block for this Saturn in Pisces transit. The Full Moon in Virgo will allow us all, collectively, to reflect on anything that happened or was initiated in the last six months. Communication may have been of greater importance with Mars in your sign for over six months. There is value in how you approach situations. Being patient will help you navigate through frustrating periods and prepare you for what Saturn will present your way.


During the Full Moon in your sign, you will be more alert and do the work needed to heal from past relationships. Saturn entering Pisces also brings you more awareness of relationships, both from the past and present. It is not a time when you are encouraged to go back and rekindle something with a former lover. On the contrary, you will be evaluating past decisions so you do not repeat them. Saturn in your house of partnerships for the next several years will be a wake-up call. If there are problems with your relationship, you will be able to have the strength to make more positive changes to help it thrive. Communicating now is easier because Saturn makes you confident when you want to address issues. It is a period of solidifying foundations to reach the next steps. Saturn wants your partnerships to work, even if you are single. These years will be like a course on how to create fruitful bonds that last as long as you are willing to do the inner work.


Saturn in Aquarius has pushed you to see and understand what you desire, but coming to terms with expressing these thoughts may have been a challenge at the time. Now with Saturn’s ingress in Pisces, you are focused on creating balance within. You have dreams that will take you to the top. However, while you may have been more reserved during the Saturn in Aquarius transit, you now feel more empowered to ask for help and be a team player. Both of these transits push you to be more social and meet new people. Collaborations allow you to see your strengths and weaknesses. You could be motivated to learn more during both of these transits since the Moon in Virgo will have you feeling a lot of mercurial energy. Saturn in Pisces awakened your need to understand and explore more. You are prepared to take on new challenges and gain a wealth of knowledge for the next several years.


Both the Full Moon and Saturn are about showing you your potential. The Full Moon in Virgo will help you see how your partnerships and personal relationships have transformed you in the last six months. With Saturn entering Pisces, it will be a very potent period, as you are tested not only on an emotional level but there is a need to mature and progress. With this Saturn transit, responsibilities will be important for you, and learning how to mature will prove more valuable. If you have not felt confident in yourself, Saturn pushes you to develop solid foundations to progress. It is a period where you will be more aware of your independence. Being codependent during Saturn transits is not helpful, since you are pushed to reach the summit by yourself. Your power and persistence awaken during this time. Challenges will come and go, but developing a good relationship with yourself will help to catapult you to reach your dreams.