These 4 Zodiacs Are Restless Right In Mid-June


Libra, you’re feeling at odds with yourself right now. Either you’re unsure of the path you’re taking or you just don’t have enough to do. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to design a better schedule. You might want to wake up earlier, get outside more, or find an activity (volunteering, a hobby, visiting family) that makes you feel good about yourself. Not only will this give you a bigger purpose with your restless energy, it might help you to redefine your values and goals. Plus, if the biggest problem is that your days are empty, creating a set schedule for yourself will help you to fill them quickly.


It’s probably the summer air that has you feeling full of energy. You typically plow onwards with your work at the same speed all year, but something in the air has you feeling a little more restless than usual. For you, Capricorn, the key isn’t to work more, but to plan something that will give your mind a break. You should try to find something that will get you out of the house and moving around – one potential roadblock for you right now is that your mind has been hard at work, but your body feels restless and full of energy. Look for summer festivals or events near you, theme parks, hiking trips, street fairs, or food trucks you can visit. Walk around, get some fresh air, and take a break from the endless grind for a while.


As an earth sign, you’re very in-tune with nature and the energy of the earth. Right now, with everything full of life, you’re probably feeling a sudden energy spike. Your mind is used to having a set routine that you follow, and your energy levels have adapted to that routine – after all, for you, structure is everything. But now that a new season is here, you’re suddenly feeling more restless than usual, and your regular routine won’t cut it. Your body and mind will adapt soon, but for now, you need to add something that helps bring your energy levels back down. Since you’re a sign that doesn’t like to change things up too much (and will probably want to add something reliable to your regular schedule), exercise is your best bet. Opt for something outdoors – running, biking, swimming – or something you can add to a stable home schedule – yoga, weightlifting, stretching, short workouts.


It’s probably no surprise to you that you’re feeling a little out of sorts. The sun is out, the weather is warming up, and you have tons of extra energy to spend. Naturally, the best thing for you to do is plan a kind of outdoor adventure that will help you use up that extra energy. If it’s feasible for you, traveling is always a good way to spend part of your summer. Road trips, destination vacations, or even some time off to travel around your hometown are all good ways to get your extra energy out. As a sign who loves the outdoors, you may also opt to go hiking, trail running, or camping. Planning on staying close to home? Physical activities to use up your energy are best. Do some gardening or yard work, wash your car, clean your roof, move some furniture – you’ll feel better in no time.