These 4 Zodiacs Open A New Life Chapter In November— Is It You?


Sagittarius’ new Life Chapter, to take a page out of resident Sagittarian Britney’s Spears’ new book, is about speaking your truth. Most people don’t realize that the outspoken fire sign actually hates conflict and has held in even more than they’ve let out over the years. When you give off the appearance of always being so forthcoming, no one assumes you have any secrets to hide. But whether it’s secret opinions, feelings, or personas, this next life chapter is about bringing it all to the surface. Past hurt has been dealt with and learned from, and any potential clashes that could result from a more authentic take on life can be handled with the maturity and wisdom you’ve acquired over the years. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and you’ve earned the right not to sugarcoat yourself either.


Virgo’s new Life Chapter is about learning from history, and not their own for a change. Their curious nature and natural tour-guide tendency toward memorizing a long list of arbitrary facts makes this the perfect project to keep them busy through the winter. Maybe they want to dig through their genealogy and figure out their family tree. Maybe they want to become the resident local history buff and spend hours going through documents from the town hall. Maybe there is a historic piece of art that just speaks to them, demanding they learn more. Once Virgo has a question to answer, nothing can stop them from finding it out, and more importantly, whatever information they do gather, will tell them something infinitely more important about who they are.


Aquarius’ new Life Chapter is going to be about feeding themselves, both literally and figuratively. They’ve been so busy lately that take out and frozen meals have been their go-to, and the simplicity of preparing a meal with their own two hands is going to help soothe a lot of the stress and anxiety they’ve been dealing with lately. Cooking will get them to be more thoughtful about the ingredients they’re using. Maybe they will plant some herbs of their own, explore a local farmers market, or learn more about traditional ingredients from their favorite global cuisine. It’s going to give them an outlet that doesn’t involve a screen, and has a potential to nurture them and the people they love, setting a precedent for the other areas in their life where they need nurturing. 


Leo’s new Life Chapter is about caring less. Everything has been getting to them lately, they’ve been taking everything personally, worrying about what everyone thinks, and they just need to relearn how to live life like a toddler. They need to let their attention span dictate their schedule, and stop forcing themselves through tasks that feel like pulling teeth. When they’re tired, they need to take a nap. When they’re cranky, it’s time to grab some Cheerios, or any other beloved snack. Toddlers have a short term memory and no sense of social faux pas, they’re not worried if Wendy from pre-school is still bothered that they didn’t share a toy with them yesterday. They fall down, they cry, and then they get back up and move on. So too must Leo in this evolving Life Chapter.