These 5 Zodiacs Will Be A Leo’s Greatest Heartbreaks

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These 5 Zodiacs Will Be A Leo’s Greatest Heartbreaks


Gemini will shower Leo with attention, which will work out wonderfully early on in the relationship. Leos are happiest when they’re in the spotlight, and Gemini will make them feel like the only one in the world. Unfortunately, Geminis are fickle. Their attention wanders. After a while, they will get distracted by something new and the relationship will suffer. Even if Gemini isn’t the one to initiate a breakup, Leo will get annoyed that they’re no longer the center of attention and they will end the relationship.


Aries are fire signs, so they’re going to bring the passion. Leos will have a wonderful time going on adventures and having steamy meetups with Aries. However, they’ll struggle to communicate their emotions in a healthy manner. There will be plenty of fights — and it won’t always end up in a makeout session. These signs are stubborn and assume they’re always right, so it’ll be hard for them to come to a fair compromise. They’ll also struggle when it comes to trusting each other. They’re both flirts, so they’ll always worry the other will stray.


Virgos will support Leos in everything they set out to accomplish. They will be their biggest cheerleader, but they might not be passionate enough for a Leo. Virgos show their love in small, practical ways. They rarely make grand romantic gestures, which could make a Leo feel unappreciated. Even though Virgos will go out of their way to make a Leo feel comfortable, safe, and protected, Leos want so much more than that. They want fire and passion and they might not get that from a sensible, calm, and collected Virgo.


Leos are an extremely jealous sign. Although they’re friendly and loyal, they’re also highly competitive. When two Leos get together, they’re going to try to one-up each other. They’ll get annoyed when the other person is the center of attention because they’ll want the spotlight on themselves. If Leos can come up with a way to share the attention, then their relationship will stay strong. Otherwise, they’re going to grow to resent each other and will set off to find someone else who is okay with blending into the background while they take center stage.


Cancers and Leos are going to have deep talks about their emotions. They will feel comfortable opening up to each other about anything and everything. They’re going to have strong, unbreakable trust, but the passion won’t be there. Leos will grow bored in the bedroom and will crave more. They want to feel wanted. They want to be drowned in compliments and reminded of how beautiful they are inside and out. Cancers might say all the right things, but they might not have the passion to make a Leo believe it.