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These Are The 4 Worst Zodiacs To Live With

Some zodiacs can’t stand living in an empty apartment. They want to be surrounded by people at all times and make great roommates. But other signs prefer to be alone. They need their space because having roommates is risky. It can get hectic if they haven’t found the right match. Here are some zodiacs who make the worst roommates because they secretly prefer to live alone:


Taurus like to stick to a set routine, and if someone throws off their schedule, they aren’t going to be happy about it. In fact, they might mope all day long because it will be hard for them too adjust and get back on track again. This sign prefers to live alone because they don’t want unexpected guests visiting in the middle of the day and they don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night. They are going to butt heads with their roommates pretty often because if someone else is ruining their schedule, they will want the behavior to change.


Leos want to play by their own rules. What they say goes. So unless they’ve found someone who is willing to let them be the leader, they aren’t going to love living with other people. Watching roommates make easily avoidable mistakes will drive them wild. It will get on their nerves pretty quickly since they feel like they know best. Even though this sign gets along well with others and loves to be the center of attention, they usually prefer to live on their own because they are self-sufficient. They can take care of themselves. They don’t need roommates getting in their way of creating the perfect home.


Capricorns cannot stand petty drama. They don’t want to feel like they’re walking on eggshells around their roommates. They don’t want to feel like they can’t unwind in their own home because others are staring at them from across the room, judging them over what time they’re going to bed and what they’re eating and how long they’re in the bathroom. This sign is a homebody. That means they are going to spend a huge chunk of time at their own place. So they need that space to feel comfortable. They want it to feel warm and cozy and theirs. They don’t want to share with others. They want it all to themselves. At least, until they find their perfect match.


Aquarius are loners. They don’t care what other people think and they aren’t going to rearrange their priorities in order to please anyone else. Although they should be proud that they do whatever they want whenever they want, this doesn’t make them an ideal roommate. After all, they aren’t going to change for anyone. They aren’t going to be inclined to compromise when they are already living life the way that they want to. Aquarius need alone time anyway, so it’s best for them to live alone whenever possible. If they meet their forever person or find a true friend who accepts them, living together will work out, but most of the time roommates aren’t for them.