Ivan Samkov

These Are The Words You Need To Hear When You’ve Had Your Heart Broken

At first, having your heart broken will feel like the universe is collectively laughing at your misfortune. I can almost guarantee that you will find it impossible to get out of bed and shake off the feelings of unworthiness. 

Sadly, you cannot press a fast-forward button, skip all of the suffering, and magically be the healed version of yourself from the future. These things take time, and you cannot move forward without first mending what has been broken.

Before you go down a shame spiral and start asking “Why me?” or “What if?”, I want you to take a step back and remember this:

You loved them the best that you could have. You tried to show them real love by being the most authentic, unapologetic version of yourself. Even though you were afraid to let them in, you still let them see every version of yourself. 

They knew how you looked when you were crying, the way you ordered your coffee, the way you sounded singing in the car, and how your head tilted back whenever you howled with laughter. Every ounce of who you were was slowly revealed through your tears, drunken nights, ugly laughs, and little quirks.

You gave them the rare opportunity to get to know someone so special. 

You gave it your all. 

If that still wasn’t enough for them and they have decided to walk away, let them. 

If they used you, took you for granted, brought out the worst in you, or lied to you, they are not worth a second thought. 

There are way too many people in this world ready to love you for who you are, for you to be hung up over someone who couldn’t see your worth when it was there, screaming in their face this entire time. 

The second you decide to move on, you are one step closer to reaching true happiness. Don’t be discouraged if your healing is not linear. Leave yourself some room to fall back apart every now and then if you really need to. Let yourself feel your emotions wholeheartedly. Because in feeling shame, regret, and loss, you become so much stronger. Feeling pain does not make you weak, it makes you a beautiful human being who cares tremendously.

I want you to realize that love does exist, and someday it will find its way to you. You won’t have to wonder if it’s real. You won’t have to second guess its intentions. Because real love doesn’t leave you guessing, it is a definite answer that never falters. Just because you didn’t get your perfect fairytale ending this time, it does not mean that you will never find it. 

When you are ready, someone will recognize the wonderful person that you are and they will never want to let you go.

That person who walked away is a fool. You have so much love to give, and they just weren’t meant to receive it. In letting them go, you are opening yourself up to finding your person.

So wipe those tears, because in losing some half-assed attempt of what your ex called a “relationship,” you are now presented with the opportunity of endless self-love.