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They Just Dropped A First Look At The New Addams Family–Here’s What Fans Think

Fangoria, a trusted source when it comes to horror, just dropped a picture of the new Addams Family on Twitter today. In case you’re unaware, a new version of the classic spooky family is coming to Netflix later this year. It’s called Wednesday and follows the titular Addams daughter, played by new scream queen Jenna Ortega. Up until now, the Tim Burton-led Netflix show had only released images of Wednesday Addams herself, but now that Fangoria has dropped this picture, we get to see the whole family. In addition to Ortega, we have Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, Luis Guzman as Gomez, and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley.

Hello, Addams family! / Netflix

Of course, the fanbase has had a lot to say. From unwarranted cracks at Guzman’s Gomez to digs at the Tim Burton of it all, Twitter has been aflame. While the jabs aren’t as brutal as the reactions to Rob Zombies’ The Munsters, they aren’t exactly sunshine and unicorns either. Check out what people thought below.

They had a lot to say about the casting.

"We'll see. Big shows to fill."

"Very hard to see anyone else as Morticia, but I do love Zeta Jones too. Honestly Anjelica Huston deserved awards for her performance."
Antonio Banderas should've been Gomez.
This is how he's supposed to look though.

Many adaptations have consistently misrepresented him as this tall, suave man. The whole point that is he was a cahrming, good person DESPITE his puckish appearance.
The entire premise of  the Addams Family is being happy, healthy, and loving and defying all social conventions while doing so.

Like, say, the social convention that a guy like Luis Guzman could never be an ideal romantic partner to a woman like Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Oh man, this looks like some great casting.

Of course, no one will miss an opportunity to shade Rob Zombie, even when Wednesday has nothing to do with him.

Damn this is on point. Tim Burton just told Rob Zombie to hold his beer.
Better than the Munsters.
When your show isn't a grift like some other property out there...

But Tim Burton isn’t immune to the directorial criticism either.

I love Guzman but I have no faith in Tim Burton. He's just Disney dressed up in Hot Topic leftovers.
They look the part, but will Tim Burton shit the bed on this? We will see.

Dark Shadows are ominous.

Luckily, people had some nice things to say, too.

This looks so fucking cool, I didn't know it was happening.