This Chapter Of My Life Is Called ‘Moving On’

This chapter of my life is called “growth.” It’s doing better because I know better. It’s applying the hard lessons I learned throughout the years because this is the time to finally stop repeating the same mistakes, the same vicious cycles, or the same toxic behaviors that never worked for me. It’s finally moving on from all that wasn’t serving me. It’s finally choosing myself and my happiness.

This chapter of my life is called “maturity.” It’s not trying to understand why people did what they did or ask for closure or try to find answers. It’s not reacting to what people say about me or think of me. It’s not responding to the provocations of others. It’s not seeking validation from people. It’s not asking the wrong people for love and it’s not defining my worth by their actions. It’s finally focusing on myself and my healing journey. It’s not chasing anything that isn’t right for me. It’s being okay with standing still.

This chapter of my life is called “moving on.” Moving on from my past. Moving on from the painful memories. Moving on from my doubts and my fears. Moving on from people who don’t care. Moving on from trying to prove my worth to others or trying to prove that I am right. Moving on from the old limiting beliefs I had about myself and the world. Moving on from trying to make everything right and perfect. Moving on from obsessing over that which I can’t control.

This chapter of my life is called “I told you so.” I told you I’d move on someday and you thought I was lying. I told you I’d make it when you didn’t believe in me. I told you I’ll do things my way when you thought I’d fail. I told you that I’ll always pick myself up when you thought I’ll never stand up again. I told you I’ll fight for myself when you couldn’t fight for me. I told you I’ll never stop believing in God, his plans for me, and his timing when you said it’s too late. I told you that one day I’ll change and you won’t understand who this new person is.

I told you I would have the last laugh one day and here I am smiling again, fulfilling all my promises.

Allow me to reintroduce myself because this chapter of my life is called “happiness.”