Nesrin Danan

This Is What’s Holding Each Zodiac Back, According To A Tarot Reader


Your card: 6 of Cups

You’re always charging forward, Aries. You don’t give a second thought to the past–after all, you can’t go back and change things. Just because you’re analyzing your past doesn’t mean you’re discounting what you have right now. Learn from your past, embrace it, because it’s what made you who you are today.


Your card: 9 of Wands

Outside forces seem to be getting in the way of your life, your goals, your happiness. Don’t let other people or circumstances keep you from what you want. You’re going to need some perseverance and stamina to withstand the onslaught. You might feel like giving up, but don’t. You’ve got this!


Your card: Queen of Swords

People have tons of opinions about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Your biggest mistake would be listening to them, especially when they don’t have your best interests at heart. Lucky, you’re pretty good at reading peoples’ intentions. Use your intuition to pick who to listen to.


Your card: 10 of Swords

You’ve had a bunch of setbacks lately. So much so that you’re letting your fear of failure keep you from trying. Trust that you’re resilient enough to handle failure and experienced enough to know how to avoid it in the first place.


Your card: 4 of Swords

You can’t keep going on full speed forever. It’s not laziness to take a break and rest for a while. You’re dangerously closing to burning out, so set aside some time to recharge. If you don’t, your nervous breakdown will be one for the ages.


Your card: The Fool

You’re at the beginning of some brand new challenge. Unfortunately, you’re not very good at embracing the unknown. It’s okay if you don’t know everything that goes into this new phase. You can’t plan everything, after all. As hard as it sounds, you’ll do much better if you go with the flow.


Your card: 5 of Wands

Competition can be healthy, and it can be harmful. Don’t get caught up in the drama and instead use all that competition to fuel you even further. Just because you’re competing with someone, that doesn’t mean they’re your enemy.


Your card: The World

Sometimes you get so caught up in achieving things that you let those wins pass with little or no fanfare. Rather than quickly moving on to the next big thing, stop to celebrate. It’s all well and good to have the go-getter mindset, but it means nothing if you don’t stop to actually appreciate what you’ve done.


Your card: King of Pentacles

You have so many ideas, but you don’t always do anything to make them a reality. Don’t just be the person with the plan and without the execution. Go for it! This way, you won’t be filled with regret for all your missed opportunities.


Your card: The Star

You’re not lacking for inspiration. You find your muse everywhere and in everything. But where you’re lacking is in motivation. Call it procrastination if you’d like, but what you really need is some fire. Find what motivates you or you’ll never finish any of those grand ideas.


Your card: 2 of Pentacles

You have no patience–especially when it comes to other people. You’d prefer everything happen on your time schedule, but that’s super unrealistic. This also means you’re pushing people away with your inflexibility. While it’s reasonable to be pissed if someone is late, maybe cut them some slack if it’s only by five minutes.


Your card: 4 of Pentacles

You care a lot about the people in your lives, but sometimes those people feel a little stifled by your need for control. Just like you wouldn’t like it if someone tried to control what you do, the same can be said for your friends and family. Step aside and watch people blossom on their own.