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This TikToker Is A Diagnosed Sociopath–And She’s Using Her Platform To Help Others

Movies tell us we should avoid sociopaths at all costs. I mean, sociopathy is what made so many people fall for a guy like Ted Bundy–a real-life serial killer with all the charisma and none of that pesky empathy. While some of us have met sociopaths in real life, it’s rare that they come right out and introduce themselves. They’re covert. They manipulate people from the shadows. That could be why Kanika Batra is making so many waves. She introduces herself right away as a diagnosed sociopath on her TikTok. Rather than being covert about it and taking advantage of people, she’s using her platform to educate. But should you listen to a sociopath? Let’s find out.

Understanding Sociopathy

Kanika Batra is an author, speaker, influencer, and Miss Australia 2022. She’s also a diagnosed sociopath. That’s just a fun way to say that she was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). Though she’s only been posting on TikTok since mid-October, she’s already amassed nearly half a million followers and 10 million likes. Clearly her platform is exploding. One of the things she talks about is what sociopathy is like.

Here, Kanika talks about how she got diagnosed and what her signs and symptoms were. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re a sociopath or if the manipulators in your life suffered from the personality disorder, this could really be eye-opening.

How Not to Fall for a Sociopath’s Tricks

Some of the best content from Kanika’s TikTok is her advice on how to handle sociopaths. None of us want to be a victim right? She talks about how you can’t get closure from a sociopath, how not to underestimate their charisma, and more.


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In the above TikTok, she talks about how to make yourself as unappealing to a sociopath as possible if you have the misfortune of meeting one in everyday life. It’s like you’re hearing how to escape getting eaten straight from the source: The lion.

How to Act Like a Sociopath for Your Benefit

And this is where things get a little dicey. In addition to all the warnings Kanika gives about sociopaths like herself, she also uses her platform to teach people–especially women–how to use the techniques of someone with ASPD to get what they want. She teaches ways to manipulate men, to appear as appealing as possible. She has a whole coaching business that teaches these tactics. At this point, you might be feeling a little skeptical, and I’m right there with you.

If you’re like, “she sounds like the female Andrew Tate,” you’re not the first or last to do so. In the video above, she even addresses that accusation. She talks about how she’s teaching women not to fall for Andrew Tate’s schemes for pulling women, and she kind of has a point. Ultimately, that’ll be up to you to decide. Will you listen to a sociopath and do what she does? Or will you stay your authentic empathetic self?