This True Crime TikTok Account Shares The Worst Deaths Imaginable–And It’s Terrifying

There are so many terrible ways to die, and each one is more terrifying than the next. You’ve likely had more than a few nightmares about drowning, falling from great heights, or being buried alive. If you’re not very squeamish or you’re just a glutton for some spooky true stories, a TikTok true crime expert has been sharing some of the worst deaths imaginable. These are true stories of real, gruesome deaths, and they’ll have you sleeping with the lights on after watching them.


Mikey Brieaddy is all about the true crime. His TikTok account, @makingatruecrimerer, has over 2 million followers and 35 million likes. He regularly posts TikToks about spooky true crime cases for his followers, who he calls the “Crimerers.” Of course, you get what you’ll find with most true crime TikToks: deep looks at some sad and spooky cases of death, abduction, and murder. You could spend weeks wading through his back catalog of true crime stories. But his series, Worst Deaths Imaginable, sets him apart from the others.

The series, now with over 60 entries and counting, takes a look at ways real people have died frightening deaths. In the above TikTok, he describes a real disaster from October 2011 in which pipeline divers were trapped underwater as their ship sunk in the Persian Gulf. The six divers were found several days later, having suffocated to death in their saturation chamber. If you’re afraid of the ocean or of suffocating to death, this one will get to you for sure. And I agree with Mikey: I hope the six divers drifted off in their sleep.

Then there’s this one about famed cave explorer Floyd Collins. The man spent much of his life exploring caves in Kentucky, particularly in Mammoth Cave National Park. On January 30, 1925 he became stuck in a small crevice in Sand Cave. A large effort to remove him was working well at first. Though he was stuck for days, they managed to give him food and water to keep him going as they slowly worked on a way to get him out safely. Unfortunately, a rock collapse closed the entrance before they could remove him. He was stuck there for 14 days without food and water before dying from hunger, dehydration, and hypothermia. That’s a long time to be stuck in a cave. New fear: unlocked.

If you’re feeling particularly morbid, check out @makingatruecrimerer on TikTok. He uploads the Worst Deaths Imaginable series pretty regularly, but if you’re having trouble finding them among his other true crime content, you can always follow the hashtag: #worstdeathimaginable.