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This Viral TikTok Just Exposed How A Man Acts When He Doesn’t Love You


Ladies yall need to realize this

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A Summary of The Highlights of This Video

This viral video by TikTok user @michelebroxton stitched by @jayoffline is a much watch and reveals just how a man acts when he’s in love. But we think it does so much more than that. It reinforces and reiterates what we’ve already seen discussed about the qualities of a true high-quality man and how he treats women in general. Here’s a summary of some of the highlights from the video.

He will not compete with you about who’s had a harder day. He will not walk empty-handed while you are holding a handful of things. He will not be sitting down while you’re standing up with nowhere to sit. He will not ever, not in ten million years, not even if dinosaurs appeared, put down your appearance. If you’re out somewhere, he will not leave you unattended the entire time and talk to people while pretending you don’t exist. If he’s going somewhere with a group of friends, you will A) know about it or B) be invited. He will never say anything negative about making love to you. He will never make you feel dumb, unimportant, or smaller than them. He will never try to make you jealous. He will never see you hurting and not try to come and fix it. He would never do anything to put your relationship in jeopardy. He will never try to put a lid on your potential or be jealous of your success. 

Remember This

Many of these gestures and traits, especially if displayed long-term, are qualities that stem from authentic empathy, care, and compassion. These are the behaviors of a high-value and high-quality man. We’d wager that even if a man doesn’t “love” you, a respectful, high-quality man still wouldn’t expose anyone to such harmful and disrespectful behaviors in the first place because high-quality men won’t pursue or lead on women they don’t love or ask any woman to beg for the bare minimum while exploiting her for sex or labor if they’re not genuinely interested. They’re not out here disappointing or demeaning their partners because again, they don’t capitalize on the opportunity to use people just to get what they want. They will consistently impress, pursue, and be loving toward the women they love and will go out of their way to avoid harming anyone. High-quality men have a genuine respect, kindness, and consideration for all women and they show special care for the women that they love. Stay alert to the red flags and don’t ever settle.