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This Viral TikTok Perfectly Explains Why Women Are Over Bare Minimum Men

Women are absolutely done with bare minimum men. And a mere three-minute TikTok perfectly explains why. Ashlee, the brilliant person behind the TikTok account @thenarcandme, shared her thoughts on a recent article in Psychology Today entitled “The Rise of Lonely, Single Men.” The article points to recent research and trends in modern dating that show heterosexual men are losing out on opportunities to find love. And, essentially, it’s because men aren’t rising to the occasion. Like, at all.

“I can’t speak for all women, but I can speak for myself,” Ashlee said. “And what I believe to be happening is we are done with men who treat us like shit. We are done with men who lie to us. We are done with men who manipulate us, who gaslight us, whose words don’t match their actions. We are done with men who think we should be their mothers.”


Ashlee continues on, touching on how common it is for men to be emotionally unavailable but still want women to take care of them without any support in return. How men say they want a strong woman but feel threatened when she actually exhibits strength and independence. How men want loyalty without being loyal themselves. How men expect the most while doing the least.

In short, women are goddamn exhausted. But mostly, we’re fed up. We want more from our partners and are no longer willing to settle for less. We’re taking our power back and it feels good.

The TikTok is well worth the watch. See the full thing here: