TikToker Finds The Moment In The Epstein Case Transcript Where Ghislane Maxwell Is Caught In A Lie

If you’re following the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, you’ll want to follow TikToker @according2CherieTree. She’s breaking down the trial piece by piece and pointing out all the important information so you don’t have to do your own digging. She’s got enough videos to keep you watching for hours, and learning all the important details of this highly publicized case.

In one video, @according2CherieTree breaks down the transcript of a moment when Maxwell is caught in a blatant lie.

The Proof is in the Transcripts

Question: “Were you in charge of hiring individuals to provide massages for Jeffrey Epstein?”

Answer: “My job included hiring many people. There were six homes. As I sit here, I hired assistants, I hire architects, I hired decorators, I hired cooks, I hired cleaners, I hired gardeners, I hire pool people, I hired pilots, I hired all sorts of people. In the course, and a very small part of my job, was from time to time to find adult professional massage therapists for Jeffrey.”

Question: “When you say adult professional massage therapists, where did you find these massage therapists?”

Answer: “From time to time I would visit professional spas, I would receive a massage and if the massage was good I would ask that man or woman if they did home visits.”

Question: “Did you ever hire a masseuse that was under the age of 18?”

Answer: “Again, I don’t hire massage therapists, so that was not my job.”

Caught in a Lie

In a later video, this TikToker points out, “Now when a narcissist is backed in the corner, they lash out. This is a wonderful example of that.” When asked if Maxwell ever met a female under the age of 18 that Jeffrey hired as a masseuse, Maxwell proceeded to answer, “First of all, Virginia Roberts who you are referring to as a masseuse aged 17, we all now know, so your story that you keep pushing out to the press that she was a 15 year old, you and I both know was a lie correct.” After being told that the question wasn’t answered, she continues with, “The only person I can talk about who clearly was a masseuse age 17, a masseuse, was Virginia.” And to that, @according2CherieTree said, “When you just tell on yourself, you just tell on yourself.”

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