Maryia Plashchynskaya

Time Is A Gift, So I Hope You Make The Most Of It

We can rewrite our stories over and over. We can dissolve fear with the touch of a fingertip. We can hold our hearts between our hands. We can generate warmth with breath alone. The bond of humanity can stitch wounds back together. We can rip out pages and cross out the words that don’t fit and replace them with new ones. We can change our titles. We can hit the delete key and hold it down for as long as we need until the space feels clean and new again. We can, at any point and anywhere, find fresh ink and a blank piece of paper. We can shatter the illusion of reality by thought alone and create anything we desire.

Pain bears the fruit of strength, empathy, and compassion. Our primal desire is to give love and receive love. And regardless of what anyone says, it is all we thirst for. Real connection, real, raw truth. We want to be seen. We want to be heard. There is an almighty capacity within each of our hearts to make each other feel safe.

When you want to close, I beg you to keep your heart open. When you want to harden, I invite you to soften. The love within you is potent and powerful. You have access to this love at all times. Choose to keep this love at the center of every conversation, chapter, and season. The truth is, we aren’t here very long. And the truth is, tomorrow is never promised. I don’t say that to scare you or make the time on this earth feel daunting. I say this to excite you. To urge you to follow your heart and live fully.

Do the things you love. Call the people that you love. Spend time with those you love. Have fun. Take risks. Do the thing that doesn’t make sense. Let go of restrictions. Let it be messy. Immerse yourself in all things pleasure. Book the trip. Write the book. Quit the job. Start the business. Dream the dream. Connect. Kiss. Love. Play. Stop scrolling. Time is a gift we don’t get back. How will you spend yours?