Toxic Femininity Is Real, And It Will Destroy All Your Friendships

Toxic Femininity Is Real, And It Will Destroy All Your Friendships

Women should uplift and support each other. There’s no reason to treat each other like competition or the enemy when you can get along instead. Here are some examples of toxic femininity that you should never engage in:

“Shitting on stay-at-home moms or sex workers because you don’t understand their choices. Feminism means we all get to choose our own path. Not everyone wants a high-powered career and that’s okay.” — OlderWiserLesbian

“Shaming other girls/women for not doing/liking the same things you do and implying that their preferences make them not real women or similar. Basically, saying that your way to be a woman is the only valid way.” — rinky79

“Thinking that being in a romantic relationship/marriage or being able to have children makes you inherently better than women who aren’t.” — audreymarilynvivien

“Makeup and fashion fans bullying you for how you show your femininity and performing it not being your priority. If your makeup is not flawless and trendy, not okay. If you don’t wear feminine, flattering clothes, not okay.” — throwaway_thursday32

“Queen bee bullying at the workplace. Basically, letting high school never end. About 60% of women experience it.” — raxeira-etterath

“I see a lot of body positive women that shit on my girlfriend for working out and keeping her body hairless. They always say she should be more loving of her body and embrace her body hair. It’s annoying. She does it because SHE likes it. She goes to the gym and does deadlifts because it empowers her and makes her feel AMAZING. Like, we all have different ideals and visions for our life. And after moisturizing herself and shaving she likes to rub her legs together like a cricket, and nobody should be taking that little slice of heaven from her.” — Euowol

“Slut-shaming other women and buying into the Madonna-whore dichotomy.” — audreymarilynvivien

“Thinking if you gave birth through c-section, you’re not a real mom. What. The. Fuck? Suddenly 9 months of pregnancy, a terrifying procedure, and caring for a newborn doesn’t count because MacDuff from his mother’s womb was untimely ripped? Whose baby is this then, since apparently no mothers are present?” — CaptValentine

“Girls who hit guys because they know the guy won’t hit them back.” — Snu99lyN1pples

“Being unable to criticize another woman for shit she did since women support each other. Has the exact same energy as frat guys saying bro code.” — Bi_Aint_Shi

“Older women bullying and harassing younger women starting the work force. I see this A LOT.” — Biffmcgee