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UFOs Over Las Vegas: People Are Sharing Their Close-Encounters On TikTok And It’s Wild

It’s not uncommon for a UFO to pop up on your TikTok FYP with the user screaming about a weird phenomenon, only for it to clearly be a weather balloon or a poorly rendered CG fake. Skeptics are right to roll their eyes. UFO TikTok is just another way for many to get a slice of views to prove that they’re an “influencer.”

But then there’s footage, corroborated across many accounts, that just looks too real for comfort. Lately, that’s the case with footage coming out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City, a gambling and nightlife oasis in an otherwise empty desert, has apparently been having some rich UFO activity. Maybe it’s the close proximity to Area 51? Check out these TikToks before you cry “fake!”

The Christmas Eve UFO

On the night of December 23rd and into the early morning hours of December 24th, 2022, a man who works at the Sapphire in Las Vegas posted multiple videos of what looks like a UFO hovering over the city. It’s hard to see at first. A heavy sheet of ominous clouds hang over Sin City, except for a few bright lights that peek from within. Above, you can see a big red light and several smaller white lights surrounding it at seemingly random angles and distances. The lights peak out as the clouds move, showing that whatever it is is coming from inside the clouds themselves.

In another video, you can see the lights better. As the Sapphire’s spotlights sweep across the clouded mass, you can see the lights reflected back at the camera. There is definitely something large and unmoving in there. “It’s like the beginning of a horror movie,” the man says. “Should we really be standing underneath this?”

So what is it? It certainly seems like a UFO. For days, all was quiet, until local news started reporting that it wasn’t a UFO, but “rare weather phenomena.” KTLA 5 consulted a meteorologist who said, “there’s a good chance what people saw this night was a phenomenon known as ‘light pillars.'” Light pillars happen when ice crystals refract light in the sky. But does that explain their lack of movement or their color? Sounds fishy.

This isn’t the only UFO that’s been scaring Las Vegas residents lately, though.

The Daylight UFO Sphere

Lately there’s been a new type of UFO popping up in Vegas TikTok, and it’s shaped like a sphere. Multiple people, who don’t seem to know each other, have been capturing these UFO balls since December. One man caught a video of it around dusk, immovable in the sky.

Another user caught it during the day, zooming across the sky. There’s no official word yet on what this could be. In the second video, when it’s moving across the sky, it could have the legitimate shape of a weather balloon. In the video at dusk, unmoving, it’s too perfectly spherical for that.

What do you think?

You can watch the UFO videos below. Do you think they’re real alien aircrafts, or something more Earthbound?


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spotted this UFO in the mountains Edge part of the valley. I thought it was a balloon but found out it was actually a balloon.

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