Maycon Marmo

What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Secretly Smug About

ENFJ: Knowing what’s best for everyone, because they’re wiser and more emotionally savvy than the other types.

ENFP: Leading an unconventional life because they’re more daring and creative than the other types.

ESFJ: Being popular and socially dominant because they’re more in tune with the rules of social conduct than the other types.

INFP: Being profoundly misunderstood by everyone else because they’re deeper and more interesting than the other types.

ESTP: Understanding how to get things done without following the bullshit rules and procedures that the rest of the other types are obsessed with.

ISFJ: Being more genuinely selfless than the other types, because they don’t call any attention to their altruistic nature.

ENTJ: Naturally assuming every position of leadership because they’re obviously more intelligent and driven than the other types.

INTP: Having a more accurate and objective world-view than everyone else who is so easily swayed by social trends and the garbage that the media feeds them.

ENTP: Having to do half the work to achieve twice the success of others, because they’re sharper and more creative than the other types.

INFJ: Understanding everyone they meet but nobody understanding them, because they’re rarer and more complex than the other types.

ISFP: Being a big, creative mystery to the other types, because they don’t deserve to understand the ISFP’s true self.

ESTJ: Understanding the clearest and most obvious route to success that the other types somehow missed, even though it’s right there for everyone to see.

ESFP: Being hotter and more socially savvy than the other types, without even having to try.

INTJ: Understanding all of the deepest, most intimate truths about how the world works but not sharing those truths, because the commoners wouldn’t understand.

ISTP: Seeing the shortcuts for getting things done that the other types don’t see because they’re too busy learning the rules to actually pay attention to how things work.

ISTJ: Being more principled than the other types in literally everything they do.