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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Taurus Season

The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on Thursday, April 20th, and will stay in this sign until May 21st, 2023. With this season, we will be dealing with a few eclipse transits, Jupiter’s ingress in Taurus, and the infamous Mercury Retrograde. Taurus energy will have us taking things slower and treating ourselves with more kindness and respect. It will also be a good time to close some chapters with eclipse season already amongst us. We can find our strength to see what no longer works for us without regret. As we step into this Venus-ruled period, we shall experience some impactful changes as well as the warmth and joy the energy brings. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.


You look ahead with your goals now. Jupiter is still in your sign for several more weeks, giving you the optimism and energy to go through with your plans. Inspiration comes easy for you, since the Venusian energy helps to spark new ideas, allowing creative projects to take off. This season, you have a way with words, and many people take notice. 


Happy Birthday! We enter your season with more enthusiasm and focus. Learning how to manage responsibilities comes easier now. You have a better flow with managing stressors. This is your season, and you can expect your confidence to increase as you learn to value yourself and your worth. The upcoming eclipses are helping you close old chapters and start to rewrite your new story.


You radiate this season while also understanding the need to take breaks and go at a pace that is aligned with your current needs. The month of May could make you feel much more reflective. You could feel a lot more determined to do things on your own. Learn to take pride in your accomplishments and appreciate all you have done. Build that self-love before the Sun enters your sign in May.


It is a transit that is all about finding your calm and taking some moments to reflect and recharge. With Mars still in your sign, you are bursting with energy, and you can see how your social calendar gets more interesting during this month. Taurus season brings you to connect with the explore within. Taking on new projects is likely at this time.


Being surrounded by the people you love will help to bring you joy. You are feeling much more passionate and focused to succeed with the Sun entering the sign of Taurus. Although your plans may be moving at a slower pace, you still know where you are going. Once Jupiter enters this sign, you can see things picking up momentum in your career.


Communicating with others seems to be more manageable because you are willing to do some listening. You could get more recognition at school or work since you have your head in the game. Building relationships becomes effortless as well. You may exude charm during this time as you learn to trust yourself. The energy this season is all about admiring who you are. 


There is a lot more confidence brewing, since this season you feel very connected to your values. The Sun in Taurus pushes you toward a new direction. There will be people that enlighten you either at school or at work. There is also a need to learn something that can help further your career, with Venus in Gemini making a trine to your sign.


Abandoning fear and letting go will be themes for this transit. For the next month, you are more alert and grounded. There is an ease with building a solid foundation in your relationships, since the Sun in Taurus will receive friendly support from Saturn. It is a time to share with your partner, and if you are single, you could meet someone new, especially once Jupiter enters the mix.


Knowing who to give your energy to allows you to gain control. Taurus season has you feeling radiant and innovative during this month-long transit. You could feel the need to switch up your style, experimenting with your creative side. This month is all about forgiveness and developing more trust with the people around you.


The Sun will make a trine to your sign, which can help you feel in the zone. You can feel the harmony in the air surrounding you and bring you to calm. With this energy, there are a lot of opportunities for romance and new love. This Venusian time could help you build a solid bond with a partner, or you could reflect on what you truly want in a relationship.


Home is where you receive all of your insight and inspiration. With this month, there could be a lot of joy that you experience either through your friendships or romantic relationships. Taurus Season will not feel as tense this year, because Saturn is no longer causing friction. You are feeling a lot more at ease, free to relax and treat yourself.


Mercury in Taurus reminds you to speak up and allow your imagination to bring ingenuity. However, Jupiter will enter the sign of Taurus on May 16th, giving you plenty of opportunities to reconnect with your thoughts and create some magic. The retrograde period is also a fruitful period for you to pick up from abandoned projects to help you become more comfortable with processing your thoughts and views.