What Every Zodiac Can Expect From Mercury in Capricorn

On December 1st, Mercury enters Capricorn.

Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and travel. It’s about decisions, information, how we think, and how we talk to ourselves and others. Whichever sign is in the Mercury placement of our birth chart represents our communication and self-expression styles.

Capricorn is an incredibly grounded, ambitious individual. As an earth sign, they are more practical and look at life in a more serious light. When communicating, they express themselves rationally and clearly. They get straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush.

When Mercury enters Capricorn, we can expect clearer thinking and better communication with those around us, more focus and dedication to our dreams, desires, and goals. This is what each zodiac sign should prepare for during this transit:


It’s time for you to embark on a new journey and move with intention. This transit is encouraging you to slow down and reflect on insecurities that need healing and how you can communicate better with others. Think before you speak and be open to learning.


You need to acknowledge the fact that sometimes you put too much love and attention into relationships that are actually bad for you. These relationships make you feel good only when you’re physically with them. Nourish the relationships that matter, the ones that you feel, deep down, can be long-term.


The energy is heavy for you during this transit, since you’re ruled by Mercury. You’re feeling like you’re carrying a lot of burdens and no one is around to help you hold them. You might feel that way because you’re unsure of who to trust. Seek solace with the ones you know you can trust and they will support you while you figure out the rest.


The energy of Mercury is urging you to change your ways and actually express your feelings for once, clearly and rationally, instead of avoiding them and retreating into your shell. Talking about your feelings will not only make you feel better, but it will also make space for more nurturing relationships.


You’ve been feeling the hectic energy of the holiday season and while all that fun and enjoyment is great for you, you have to take a moment to relax and spend time alone. This is the only way you can move forward with a clear head about what you want in your life, what’s working, and what needs change.


You’re feeling especially creative during this time and taking advantage of that energy because you know it will benefit you in the long run. But you need to remember to rest. During that relaxed state, you can then reflect on what relationships and friendships aren’t serving you and let them go gently.


Your emotional foundation has been weak lately. You don’t know how to fix it, so you’re retreating to isolation and avoidance–but that’s not going to help. Take some time for yourself and establish what you want. Focus on you for a change. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.


You might be experiencing some growing pains. You don’t know what to do with all the feelings you have and don’t know how to properly express yourself. Don’t worry so much about doing it “the right way” and just do it. Engage in creative outlets and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.


You need to take a second to pause and do some self-reflection, Sag. But don’t nitpick the bad stuff, like your flaws and mistakes. Focus on the good. Put energy into strengthening your self-worth and be gentle with yourself. This is how you can move forward into a more empowered space.


You’ve been spending recent months seeing and making note of who is worth your time and energy. With the sentimentality of the holiday season, you’re reevaluating your friendships and relationships and cutting off those who don’t bring you joy and who you don’t see things long-term with.


The holidays are right around the corner and you’re feeling a strong urge to retreat into quieter environments. You’re reflecting on your relationships and your career, seeing who is in your life for the wrong reasons, and working on letting them go. By doing that, you can then move forward toward success and happiness.


Don’t be so hard on yourself, Pisces. Just because life isn’t going the way you planned and you haven’t reached certain goals yet doesn’t mean you’re not on your way there. Take it easy and remember that progress isn’t linear. Embrace the unknown with more courage.