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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From Pluto In Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius picks up where Saturn in Aquarius left off. We see topics from the last 2.5 years echo once more. This time we will continue to learn again for the next 19 years until 2044. On March 23rd, Pluto enters Aquarius for a few months until it retrogrades back to Capricorn on June 11th, 2023. Topics from the Capricorn transit will need to be revisited and tested before Pluto can move on. The transformative planet will ingress Aquarius once again on January 21st, 2024, and remain until January 20, 2024. This long transit will help us all shatter old concepts and beliefs while rebuilding internally. Depending on the house Pluto is in will be the place where you will experience a new chapter. All of these transits this year are about our resurgence through healing. While Saturn equipped us with more duty and responsibility, Pluto will be a powerful force that shifts everything so we can start again. Nevertheless, Pluto will give us more insight and strength. It is a transit focused on maturity, so make sure not to be impulsive. Weathering the storm is synonymous with Pluto, and like all transits, we will walk through the unknown path but will eventually see the ray of light from the sun when we leave the tunnels. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs. 


As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, you will see a change in your close friends circle and how you network. For the next several decades, Pluto will allow you to acquire patience when focused on getting closer to fulfilling your goal. It could be an interesting transit where you tap into your creative energy. There is much planning needed to get to the next level. You will be able to meet new people that will help to inspire and motivate you. With this transit, you will learn that it is better to be alone than to be surrounded by people that are not aligned with your purpose. 


Your work ethic has evolved since the Saturn in Aquarius transit. Pluto prepares to enter your tenth house of career, allowing you to set your eyes on greatness. With this transit, establishing a balance in your life is essential, since Pluto will test you to see how much you are willing to fight and endure to make your dreams a reality. You are continuing from the Saturn in Aquarius transit, but you are more knowledgeable and focused. Pluto will allow you to be victorious when you learn to play the game.


As an air sign, Pluto in Aquarius will make it easier to work with the changes and transformations ahead. Pluto will ignite your passion for learning, and during this period you may take an interest in going back to school or reading about what interests you on your own. Meeting new friends and mentors is possible with this transit, since these people will help you rebuild your philosophy. Your professional life could experience a massive shift, since you visualize what else you desire to achieve more success.


Pluto in this House will be a catalyst for your rebirth. It is a time when you are encouraged to build a stronger relationship with yourself. Saturn in Aquarius exposed your strengths and weaknesses in relationships. Now you redirect this energy to yourself by continuing the process of healing and self-care, which can pave the way for a major transformation. Discovering a love for yourself will be one of the successes of this transit. 


Saturn in Aquarius was a pivotal transit for you over the last several years where you saw your relationships change, exposing what you need to work on to be more independent. Pluto in Aquarius allows you to set much-needed boundaries that help you become stronger. With this transit comes the need to regain control and reconstruct. Pluto manages to help you see who is worthy of your time and who isn’t. 


This transit will allow you to discover how essential self-care and focus are to thrive. Don’t neglect your needs; make sure to put yourself first. Overworking yourself could help you achieve financial gains for now, but it is not a long-term sustainable option. As long as you understand your limits, Pluto can help you develop more tools to be efficient by not stressing yourself. Working smarter will allow you to take the breaks needed to recharge. Pluto reminds you to be kind to yourself, not pressure yourself or neglect your needs.


You will switch up your ideologies and current philosophies with dating and relationships. Pluto allows you to see what works in your favor and what does not. As the previous Saturn in Aquarius transit left you some valuable learning materials, Pluto will allow you to implement that knowledge for the next 20 years. As the previous Pluto transit in Capricorn was focused on home and rebuilding a new foundation with your goals, now you will look to partnerships and analyze your independence.


With this Pluto transit happening in your fourth house of home, you could expect to see changes in your immediate environment. Pluto wants you to abandon fears related to the past. It could be a period where you are compelled to research and dig deep into your family history. As a sign that excels at investigating and uncovering truths, you could be more open to exploring this quest. Expect to feel more curious about the people around you. Taking on learning new subjects to understand others will also be on your list.


Pluto enters new territory as it moves from your second house to the third. Your communication style and connection to others will evolve. With this transit comes more knowledge and mastery on your part. There is a need for you to be patient with yourself and more trusting. It is a time when you will see the power your thoughts may have, so make sure to take the break needed, meditate, and reflect to bring you more balance.


The planet finally will be moving out of your sign (briefly) and then return to complete its run. Nevertheless, this transit will open you up to reflection and healing. Pluto destroyed, shifted, and restructured your path, and although things could still be hazy for you, you have learned and grown more because of it. Pluto now will have you analyzing your worth and identity. You will understand in detail what the material means to you and what does not hold any more value in your world. 


Pluto will shake the foundation you are on right now and will bring you many surprises that will leave you questioning things even more. As Pluto moves into Aquarius, you will feel the transformation strongly for the next 19 years. With this transit comes the regeneration of the self as you uncover who you are and your purpose. You could expect to change your look and style over this transit, tapping into the real you. Prepare for the ride, because although it can feel rocky, you will see how you become stronger than ever when Pluto moves to Pisces.


This is a transit that will show you how to uncover pieces of yourself. Pluto will enter your 12th house, which can feel like a deep psychological exploration. There are aspects of yourself that you will explore and gain more understanding. It is a time when you might be interested in topics such as psychology, astrology, and the spiritual. Pluto here resonates with you because you are a sign ruled by the 12th, so there is comfort in the hidden. After all, the private space Pluto will help you build will give you the patience to go through things slowly.