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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From This Week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse

The second New Moon in Aries of the year will grace us in the form of a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 20th, 2023. While Aries Season comes to a close, we are reminded that the power of the ram is still prevalent. With these New Moons happening back to back in the same sign, we get to experience a prelude to the nodal shifts happening on July 17th, 2023. The lessons we have learned in the last month will continue to echo for the next several years. Partnerships and balancing our independence become major themes during this transit, just like the last New Moon in Aries back in March. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.


As your birthday season comes to a close, the eclipse allows you to focus on discovering what you are passionate about and getting more immersed in building and working on the things you love and care for. Prioritizing self-love is essential, since this energy reminds you to reconnect with your power and who you are.


You are enlightened and can feel more magnetic during this transit. Since your sign is currently undergoing the shifts that eclipses can bring, this transit can feel like a new chapter and a welcoming party for more optimism in your world. You can experience insight and inspiration at this time.


You are prompted to make meaningful connections with this eclipse energy. There is a sense of strength and fearlessness surrounding you. Although Saturn in Pisces might make you feel slightly overwhelmed, this Aries energy could have you pushing through, since you feel supported by the people around you. You are also entering a new phase where you feel more comfortable with yourself.


Strive to find your sense of power, because this eclipse in Aries reminds you that you are a fighter and unstoppable force while all eyes are on you. The eclipse brings a transition phase where you must learn to see how strong you are through your leadership roles and new responsibilities.


There is a sense of serenity now that Saturn has moved away from a fixed sign and the nodes are entering a new modality. You see things clearly and feel more confident. Aries energy brings opportunities to discover things that bring you joy and comfort. You could even feel encouraged to go on a vacation or spend more time with family.


Learn to accept the smallest victories as major triumphs. With this Aries energy activating for the next several months, you will be evaluating how much you have succeeded in the last several years. Learn to praise yourself more. You can look ahead with confidence and empowerment.


Eclipse season teaches you how to become more comfortable being with yourself and not needing to be surrounded by others. It is a time when you can see a lot of success by taking things slow and planning. Relationships become more meaningful when you are comfortable with your independence. 


Because the Nodes are already in your sign, you can experience this event as a time when you can reclaim your sense of command and control. Eclipse energy can make you feel more romantic, charming, and popular. Eclipse season allows you to get out of your shell and experience new things.


There is a need to abandon fear with this eclipse energy. You are more prepared to step out of your shell when pursuing your creativity and what brings you happiness. Saturn in Aquarius may have made you feel creatively blocked and like finding inspiration was challenging, but this new Aries energy is dynamic and supercharges your imagination.


Open up to new experiences and be more willing to strike a balance with your partner. With this upcoming eclipse energy, you are learning more about listening and communicating. You feel empowered to speak, listen, and bring balance to your world.


Break free from whatever is holding you back. This Aries energy is about showing others your authority and how you can elevate and reach the summit. There can be praise, encouragement, and recognition during this time. You are ready to take the stage with much more confidence because you trust yourself.


An exciting time to connect and meet new people. With this energy, you shift your goals to learning, growing, and recalibrating. You feel connected to the past and see it as a guide to building a stronger future. The eclipse can make you feel excited to explore new topics and see what awaits you.