Oliver Sjöström

What Every Zodiac Must Stop Doing In Their Relationship


You need to stop falling for toxic people that drain you. You are completely self-destructing every time you give them a second chance.


You need to stop playing it safe and settling. You don’t take risks when it comes to love out of fears of rejection you’ve faced in the past. You go for people you know you can get because that’s comfortable for you. But you deserve someone who scares you a little, not someone who is safe.


You need to stop leading people on. It’s that simple.


You need to stop being so passive in your relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want because you just might get it.


You need to stop being so afraid of having an emotional connection with people. I know heavy levels of emotion and vulnerability make you want to vomit and you aren’t the type to fall hard for people but give people a little bit of a chance to show you it’s not a bad thing caring.


You need to stop settling. If someone isn’t being what you need in a relationship you gotta walk away from it. Someone people don’t know the value of what they have until they lose it.


You gotta stop falling so hard for every relationship you’re in. You’re the relationship type and that’s what you like but your self-worth should not be defined based on if you have someone next to you. Learn to love yourself instead of loving others as hard as you do.


You gotta stop going for every person who blinks at you. You gotta stop trying so hard to find the one and let it happen naturally. You are trying force any and all relationships that they end. When you are constantly looking for something and have too many options, it’s called the paradox of choice and it overwhelms you with too many people. Sometimes the right person is there but you’re constantly looking for something else.


You need to stop dwelling in the past and hoping your ex will come back. I understand being hurt but allowing fear to paralyze ever taking a chance on love again will leave you even more alone.


You need to stop caring about what everyone thinks of your relationship. At the end of the day it’s your relationship and no one else’s if this person makes you happy that’s all that matters.


You gotta stop loving people the way you should be loving yourself. You enter relationships looking for someone to fill this void within you but you’re still empty. That emptiness needs to be filled with self-love, not a relationship.


You need to stop falling for fuck boys and going for guys who are emotionally unavailable. I don’t know if you are trying to prove something to yourself or what but doing the same thing going for the same people and expecting something different to happen will leave you alone.