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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before December 1


Sometimes you need to be reminded of how brightly you shine, especially as the days get shorter and darker. No matter what you’re going through right now, it’s time for you to look into a mirror and remind yourself of what a force of nature you really are. You are bright, and optimistic, and so passionate about just about anything that you make every room you walk into feel so much more interesting. No one can take that away from you.


Sometimes you can get a little too in your own head, Taurus. If there is a moment in your life where you feel stagnant, or stuck, or unable to control the situation at all, step back and ask yourself what you can do. I promise the answer will very rarely be “nothing.” Sometimes you just need to look at the situation from a new perspective and remind yourself of the power you hold over your own life.


You are the kind of person who likes to keep moving—you have a lot you want to do and accomplish. But sometimes you’re so busy looking for the next shiny thing that you forget to take stock of the things you already have. This is the time to remind yourself of the abundance in your life—please be sure to enjoy it while you can.


This is your reminder that nothing lasts forever—and that ultimately, this is a good thing. Because that means the bad moments will be replaced by better ones, and heartache will make room for healing, and the things you thought you wanted more than anything else will become lessons that will lead to what you really, truly deserve. Remember that these are all just stepping stones in your journey to someplace beautiful.


Remember that even if what you’re working toward feels difficult now, it will be worth it in the future. Sometimes we lose sight of the end goal because of how overwhelming the present moment might be. But you have the power to make it through this and see it through to the end—you are stronger and more resilient than even you realize.


When the world—or even you—feels stuck, I hope you take it as an opportunity to step back and find yourself in the stillness. Sometimes when we’re forced to stop moving, we’re finally able to see life in a way that we were never able to before. It’s in these moments—the ones that we never even wanted—that we find exactly what we needed.


Insecurity is normal. Anxiety is normal. We’re never going to be all optimism and positivity. But I hope you learn how to acknowledge a negative thought and then dismiss it. Because they only become unhealthy—even dangerous—when we hold onto them too long. And while you may not be able to control the negative thoughts you have, you can choose how much power you give them—so please, choose to never let them get the best of you.


Endings can be difficult, heartbreaking, or even devastating. You should know—you often have a hard time letting go. But it’s important that you do let go, if only for your own good. Because you’ll never be able to move on fully to the next chapter if you refuse to close out the last one, and you’ll never get to see the beauty waiting for you ahead if you can’t stop looking behind you.


I hope you never let anyone stifle your inner child. You have such a curious, playful nature, and it’s part of what makes you who you are—and it’s also something that draws others to you. You’re a reminder to many that you’re never too old to play, to explore, to learn. Never let anyone convince you this is a bad thing.


You are known for your stability for a reason—you’re the kind of person who prefers to have your bases covered and your safety nets in place. But I hope you’re never so preoccupied with preserving your own standing that you ignore those who need your help. You don’t have to drain your own resources for others, but when you see abundance, don’t be afraid to share. Your kindness will often be rewarded anyway.


People won’t always understand your passions or interests, but that’s okay. Your life is your own journey—it’s not about fitting into the status quo or molding yourself into what others want you to be. Remember that the only people who are worthy of being in your life are the ones who accept you for who you are and don’t judge you for the life path you’ve decided to follow.


You are such an emotional, empathetic person who has so much love and compassion to give to others. And while that’s a beautiful thing, I hope you’re careful about who you share your energy with. Because while you may want to share your abundance with those around you, not everyone deserves it, and if there’s someone who’s constantly taking from your cup, you’re going to be left feeling drained. Please protect your energy and your heart.