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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before December 12


Vulnerability can be difficult for you. You’d rather put on a strong front and let the world believe you’re invincible. But when you use all your energy trying to cover up the chinks in your armor, you’re not only expending the energy you could be using to heal those parts of yourself but you’re also hiding them from the people who might know exactly what you need to assuage them.


It can be difficult for you to fully face the things that hurt you. You’d rather bury them and move on, telling yourself you’re stronger for having overcome it. But just because you ignore a wound doesn’t mean it’s not there, and the longer you allow it to fester, the longer it will take to heal. Know that the one thing that will make you stronger than overcoming something is taking the steps to heal from it.


If you’ve been wondering if you’re on the right path lately, it might be a good time to step back and really figure out what you want in the long-term. You might be content with where you are now, but are you going to be happy continuing down this path or is it time to try something new? If anyone understands that life isn’t meant to be stagnant, it’s you—don’t be afraid to walk away from the things that aren’t working for you or that no longer hold the appeal they once had.


In a perfect world, what would your life look like? What would you be doing differently? And what from that vision can you turn into a reality? So often we convince ourselves that how things are now are how they’re supposed to be or that we’re more comfortable with what is than what could be. Don’t be afraid to take the jump toward something new—it can be terrifying, but it’s often also worth it.


This is your reminder that sometimes it’s worth it to follow your passion. People won’t always understand it—in fact, they might judge you for it—but this isn’t about them; it’s about you. It’s your job to live your life on your own terms. If your heart is tugging you in a certain direction, don’t you owe it to yourself to at least find out where it’s going?


It can be difficult for you to trust people, especially because of what you’ve been through in the past with others. But it’s important to remember that everyone is their own person—just because someone treated you one way doesn’t mean that everyone else will, too. Don’t punish someone for others’ shortcomings or sins—instead, give them the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to prove you wrong.


It can be frustrating, even infuriating, when things don’t go the way you expect them to or think they should. The truth is, life isn’t always going to make sense, and it’s not always going to feel fair. The most important thing you can do is hold onto hope regardless—because you may not get the outcome you were hoping for now, but that doesn’t mean you never will. Life will surprise you along the way; if you never have hope that things can change, you may never take the steps necessary to one day change them.


You have a tendency to underestimate yourself. This isn’t necessarily due to insecurities (though those might play into it) but possibly because you simply never fully realized the power that you hold. But it’s important to remember that deep down, you have the resources to begin fixing your problems, to heal your wounds, to change your life—and, in fact, you may be the only one who does.


This is the time to follow your curiosity and delve deep into the things that have always interested you (but that you may have been too busy for before). You more than anyone know the appeal of curiosity and the rush of adventure, but if you’ve been letting something hold you back, this is the time to let go. Sometimes the best way to find yourself is through the knowledge you gain about something else—so go out in search for it so you can return transformed. 


You have a tendency to look at your life and say, “I’ll be happy when” or “I’ll feel successful if,” as if you’re only allowed to enjoy your life under certain conditions. But I hope you understand that your worth is not tied to these things, that you are allowed to find happiness and freedom and fulfillment outside of all these checkmarks you’re so sure you need to check. You are complete and whole on your own.


When you were younger, what made you happy? What did you enjoy doing back before you felt pressured to act more “adult”? When we were kids, we often did things purely for the joy of doing them, not because we felt like we had to or like we should. Do not abandon these concepts just because the world will tell you to. Reconnect with your inner child—you might learn some valuable lessons from them.


It’s okay to not be sure where you’re headed, and it’s normal to feel anxious about that. The truth is, none of us really know where the path we’re taking is going to lead us, we just have to hope we’ll end up where we wanted to. If there’s an unexpected fork in the road, don’t be afraid to follow it—it’s possible the detour will be better than your original destination. Just remember that you’re no more lost than anyone else is.