What Kind Of Friend You Are, Based On Your Birth Order
Allegra Messina

What Kind Of Friend You Are, Based On Your Birth Order

Everyone brings something different to their friendships. Maybe you’re the protective one or maybe you’re the fun one, but either way, there’s a reason why your friends love hanging out with you so much. Here’s the truth about what kind of friend you are, based on your birth order:

Only Child

You’re the loyal, protective friend who would do anything for the people you consider family. You might not be free to hang out all the time because you lead a busy life, but you would drop anything in order to help a friend out of trouble. You will answer phone calls in the middle of the night or drive miles to pick someone up, no questions asked. You never leave your loved ones hanging because you are reliable and consistent. Once someone is a friend, they’re a friend for life. They mean everything to you.

Oldest Child

You’re the nurturing, maternal friend who takes care of everyone else. You’re usually the designated driver and hold back everyone’s hair when they’re sick. You’re also the one who carries around bandages and Advil and anything else that might be needed in an emergency. You’re the one who will give friends advice when they’re struggling to deal with a relationship problem, family problem, or work problem. You’ll show up whenever they need you to lend a listening ear and a helping hand. You want to help in whatever way you can because you genuinely care.

Middle Child

You’re the fun, silly friend. The one who will make everyone burst out laughing, even on their worst days. You bring the energy to groups and make sure that everyone is having a good time. If there’s any tension, you’ll also play the peacemaker. You’ll help others get along and remember why they’re friends in the first place. Since you’re so laidback and entertaining, everyone loves being around you. It’s not a party until you show up.

Youngest Child

You’re the supportive, encouraging friend. The one who reminds everyone in the group of their potential. You give incredible pep talks and lift them up when they’re feeling bad about themselves. You have the beautiful ability to see the best in others, so you are going to remind them of their worth. You are going to hype them up. And you are going to push them to chase after their dream job and dream partner. You won’t let them settle as long as you’re around. 


You’re the up-for-anything friend. It doesn’t matter if you have the same taste as your friends because you will tag along with them to concerts and movies just so you can hang out. You’re always going to say yes to a new adventure and act as the plus-one. You are open-minded, so you are excited to try new things. Besides, you wouldn’t want your friend to miss out on a fun event because they’re scared to go alone. That’s why you’ll always be there. You show up when it matters.