What Pluto’s 20-Year Journey In Aquarius Means For You And Society

The Pluto in Aquarius era, in the context of 2024, refers to a significant astrological transit where Pluto enters and remains in the sign of Aquarius. This era marks the beginning of a period that is expected to last until 2043.

Dates and Timeline

  • Pluto is as slow as a snail with a 248-year orbit. Its transits are transformative and life-changing for the collective.
  • Pluto was in Aquarius from March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023. 
  • It re-entered Aquarius on January 20, 2024, and will remain there until September 1. 
  • Pluto will briefly retrograde back into Capricorn until November 18, 2024, but will re-enter Aquarius on November 19, 2024. 
  • Pluto will remain in Aquarius from 2024 until 2043, making it about a two-decade-long transit.

As Pluto enters Aquarius, technology as we know it will make intense leaps and bounds. The approach to tech is likely to create an ever-widening gap socially. 


Pluto will be in Aquarius for about the next two decades, leaving an everlasting impression on humanity. When Pluto enters a new sign, we can expect death and rebirth themes on a societal scale. With the planet of transformation entering the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, many social themes stand out. 

Social Reform

With Aquarius representing humanity at large, we can expect great demands on reforming our collective approach to empower the general population. Many astrologers predict that we, the people, will make historic strides to reclaim agency. While Pluto in Capricorn gave governmental, large corporations, and other large power structures the hot seat, now is the time for the everyday people that make up this world. 

The social outcast, or eccentric outliers, are often represented by Aquarius. The populations of society that have been forgotten or misrepresented will take up more cultural space, popularity, and power. While talking politics was considered unprofessional or taboo during the Capricorn Pluto era, we are now entering a period where discussing humanitarian approaches become less controversial and more common sense. 

Technological Growth

Technology and innovative human creations are associated with the Aquarian archetype. As Pluto enters Aquarius, technology as we know it will make intense leaps and bounds. The approach to tech is likely to create an ever-widening gap socially. 

Many physical, tangible resources we relied on during the Capricorn Pluto era are lost. Instead, we turn to nonphysical, abstract, or intellectual assets. For example, physical cash becomes increasingly irrelevant as we trade in for credit, cryptocurrency, etc. Familiar examples such as this continue to become more abstract and developed, such as AI. However, we can expect increasing new affairs to introduce themselves into our mainstream life. Those who understand or work within these frameworks will gain social power.

World’s Beyond Earth

Any versed astrology fan has heard the silly jokes about Aquarians being out of this other world and from another planet. Even in advanced astrological practices, Aquarius correlates with the extraterrestrial. Many seasoned experts expect space technology will take leaps and bounds over the next twenty years. There has already been a lot of talk about the government getting involved with the discovery or searching for other life beyond Earth. We can expect more conversations and answers in the mainstream to arise, making it a destigmatized matter.


Aquarius is representative of the blending of cultures, ideas, and beliefs. Strict belief systems are less gravitating as people opt for fluid, individualistic approaches to faith. It’s not news that Astrology, Tarot, and spiritual practices are gaining popularity as they allow people to take what resonates with them and discard the rest. However, we can expect this to only increase during the next two decades as people look for new solutions that apply to modern dilemmas.