Beauty In The Stillness

What You Need To Read This Weekend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If you missed today, there will always be tomorrow
and if tomorrow comes and nothing changes,
You still have next week
Because, despite your own stillness,

The sun will keep shining
The waves will keep crashing
The birds will continue soaring
And you will still be existing
Even when nothing feels like it’s changing,
Everything around you continues to move
When you are ready,
Decide to partake in that movement.

Beauty in the Stillness


The narrative that races through your mind, the one that brings pain and suffering, is simply that—a narrative. It is rooted in a conditioned belief that things won’t work out the way you hope, or that you are the product of your circum- stances, or that your life is just a repetitive cycle of what’s happened in the past. When you’re in that headspace, the story you continuously replay in your mind will define everything you experience and everything you are, unless you shift the beliefs that are felt deep within. So how much longer are you going to stand in your own way? How much longer are you going to believe that this is it? It is only when you remove the clinging nature that you can stop giving weight to that story, eventually changing who you are. You cannot control what happened, but you can control how you move through the world and how you respond to what comes up. That is how you evolve your storyline.

Beauty in the Stillness


Every once in a while, you get a glimpse of the person you could be. The type of person you visualize yourself as. The type of life you strive to have. Hold onto that. Work for it. Take the steps needed to become it. Make an effort every day to bridge the gap between your current self and your ideal self.

Nothing is out of reach.

Beauty in the Stillness


Often we simmer too long on the negative feelings we endure — depression, anxiety, stress, unhappiness, sadness — and we tend to forget that these instances where we feel the lowest when we feel like we’re underwater with no oxygen in sight, where we think our goals cannot be achieved or that the person we hoped we would become will only exist in our minds — are actually beautiful reminders that we are meant for more. These cues show us that our current lifestyles, experiences, and mindsets are not serving or feeding our souls.

So rather than focusing on detaching from these lower feelings, we must first understand that they are there to teach us, to guide us, and to enlighten us. Only then will we realize that we are meant to live a life that is more abundant, joyful, and blissful. And it is in that moment where we can choose to change our realities.

Beauty in the Stillness


Allow yourself to just be in solitude, without judgment or without guilt. Unplugging from the world doesn’t mean you are being reclusive, or unfriendly, or that your progress is interrupted. It is an act of self-love by listening to what your mind and body need in that very moment. Slowing down and merely being with yourself is part of the process of becoming whole again, as it allows you to reflect, realign, and rebirth. You must shamelessly give yourself space for it.

Beauty in the Stillness


The reality is — you don’t need to make progress all of the time. When you try to make things happen at every moment, you reduce the space to just live. You prevent yourself from enjoying the present as you’re constantly doing things for your future self. The precious moments aren’t savored. The experiences aren’t whole. The contentment isn’t felt. Don’t ever stop dreaming and chasing your goals, but allow yourself to also pause. The best thing you can do for yourself is to show up every day, be present, and simply exist.

Beauty in the Stillness


I was proud of myself when despite feeling empty and craving to fill, I stopped allowing myself to settle. I no longer felt the need to make myself smaller to fit the definition of what others thought was love because I finally unraveled my own meaning of it. I now would much rather wait for someone extraordinary than settle for someone average. This was the awakening that my soul required.

Beauty in the Stillness


What if

it all worked out? the visions in your mind are brought to reality in a way better than you’ve imagined? The goals you’ve been working hard to reach are met? The desire to be acquainted with your ideal partner is fulfilled? Your inner trauma is finally healed and released?

Open your heart to the possibility that it can all work out. Feel what you’d feel if everything you dreamed of was already a part of your life. Place yourself in environments where you can experience all that you can imagine yourself experiencing. Because when you match the vibration of the universe, it will slowly place you in front of new doors, give you the strength to open them, and allow you to reach whatever it is you’re seeking.

Beauty in the Stillness


Take a breath. Take your time. Be aware of where you are, how you are, and what you are. Pause the constant need to do something, to be something more, or to achieve another goal. Visualize your dreams but don’t let them force you to step away from the present moment. Don’t compromise the now in order to get lost in the future. Be where your feet are and simmer all that the world is offering you today.

Beauty in the Stillness


I hope your heart feels less heavy today
I hope that you haven’t let go of the dreams
your child self once had
I hope the world will be kinder to you
and that you receive more love
I hope that you can look at yourself in the mirror
and feel content with the reflection
I hope you can hear yourself laugh
and understand the power your voice has
I hope you are able to bring down the walls
you’ve built between you and the world,
and I hope you never have another experience
that forces you to build another one
I hope that your mind is at ease, your body at peace
I hope the world allows you to be more vulnerable
and gives you the courage to say what it is you’re feeling
I hope your thoughts are no longer dark and lonely,
but light and liberated
I hope you have the strength to continue on your journey
To try again, to have faith, to stay hopeful
Because you deserve to see
What the next version of you will come to be.

Beauty in the Stillness


The better version of yourself that lives in your mind—the person who speaks with poise, walks with confidence, and travels with liberation, or the person whose career is successful, whose relationships are healthy, and whose health is flourishing—is no different than you right now. The person you want to be is the same person who is breathing in and out, who’s taking steps, who’s partaking in life right at this moment. The only differences between you and them are their mindsets, their habits, and their beliefs. It’s the way they think, their daily practices, and the words they tell themselves.

How liberating is that? That the person you want to be isn’t that far off, and becoming them isn’t some intimating threshold that feels far out of reach. Instead, that person is accessible to you and at any moment, you can choose to welcome them. By shifting your mindset and embodying that person, you can unlock their being—and you can become the better you now.

Beauty in the Stillness


No matter how painful it feels, no matter how lost your soul is, no matter how lonely your heart is, there is something greater out there for you. So what if I told you that six months from now, you’d be living your dream life? That you’d have the relationship you’re seeking, or the job that fuels you, or the good health you’ve been searching for. But instead of continuously wishing for the future (where everything feels pleasant), be where your feet are and bring it into existence in the now.

Today might be the day when the universe answers all of your prayers. Today might be the day that you meet someone who changes your life. Today might be the day you surprise yourself with all of your glory. And the only way to experience these changes is by opening your mind, breaking down your closed-off walls, and inviting in what the world has brought to you. There is always room for new beginnings and an evolution of your being. You just have to be open to experiencing them.

Beauty in the Stillness