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What You Should Release During This Week’s Full Moon (4/23), Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Justice

The Justice card is calling on you to let go of anything that is causing imbalance in your life. This Full Moon in Scorpio is also a good time to also release anything that isn’t aligned with your ethics and beliefs, so that you can once again move about in a way that is true to who you are and to what you desire. This can mean unhealthy patterns, toxic habits, relationships, or even your job. What drains you? What leaves little room for the things that bring you joy and that you’re passionate about? What areas in your life do you find yourself going against your values? Your intuition will be heightened around this time, so listen to what it’s telling you.


Your Card: The Lovers

Pulling The Lovers is a sign that it’s time to consider the relationships in your life and let go of the ones that no longer uplift you. You need to leave behind the people with whom you don’t feel comfortable expressing yourself with. If you want to make space for deep, meaningful connections, then you need to let go of the ones that don’t allow the space for your unique identity. You deserve bonds that are built on mutual love and respect, in love and in friendship. You don’t have to live with discomfort, pain, mistrust, or resentment. Be honest about who in your life doesn’t need to be there. 


Your Card: Four of Wands

You need to let go of self-doubt and of any instability in your life, Gemini. Leave the spaces, situations, and people that make you feel like you don’t belong. End any relationship in which your energy and efforts aren’t reciprocated. Say goodbye to anyone who isn’t a constant in your life—who you can’t always count on to show up, be there, or pick up. Release anything that leaves you feeling dissatisfied, empty, or frustrated, as well as your anxieties and fear. Go after the things you desire. Work through your emotional baggage. Do these things so you may pitch that idea, start that side hustle, find that fulfilling connection, or finally get closure. 


Your Card: Three of Wands, reversed

You need to let go of every obstacle that keeps you from advancing in your career and that keeps you from your personal growth. The reversal of the Three of Wands indicates that you must release everything that closes you off from achieving your full potential. If you don’t see a future in a job, a relationship or in any situation, then leave it in the past. Start anew. Don’t lament what is lost, but take those experiences as a lesson. Evolving is uncomfortable, but there is so much waiting for you when you embrace the unknown. The best is still ahead of you, Cancer. 


Your Card: The Devil, reversed

Let go of guilt, shame, and limitations. The reversal of The Devil indicates that you must reclaim your power and freedom. Liberate yourself. What’s stopping you from letting your hair loose and having a little fun? Structure is good, but sometimes it’s okay to live a little frivolously and excessively. Indulge yourself a little bit. Be playful. Go out. Flirt with that hottie at the bar. Send that risky text. Buy that pricey dress. You only live once, right? It’s okay to let go of control every once in a while. 


Your Card: Knight of Cups 

This Full Moon in Scorpio you should let go of anything that stops you from being fearlessly vulnerable and expressing yourself with sincerity. What keeps you from opening up and conveying what’s in your heart? Is it fear? Doubt? Anxiety? Be radically honest, Virgo. Speak your feelings and ideas. Be confident and go after what you want. The worst that can happen isn’t any worse than living with the “what if.” Do you want to live the rest of your life wondering what could have been? The only thing you can come to regret is not trying. 


Your Card: Queen of Cups, reversed

What’s causing you stress? Where in your life is there imbalance? Who or what has failed to give you the emotional stability you crave? Those are the things you need to let go under this Full Moon in Scorpio. Trust your intuition, Libra. It will not lead you astray. It’s time to prioritize yourself, your mental health, and the things that you desire the most. Release any relationship that is codependent or neglects your emotional needs. Leave behind any situation that makes you doubt yourself. Walk away from anyone and anything that restricts you. You deserve the harmony your heart aches for.


Your Card: Five of Cups, reversed

There are lingering wounds in your heart that you have yet to heal, Scorpio. You’ve been repressing them, thinking that if you ignore them it would be as if whatever caused them never existed. But, they’re there, and they’re holding you back from finding the things that are meant for you. The reversal of the Five of Cups is urging you to release them. That all begins with finally confronting them. This Full Moon you need to allow yourself to feel them. Only then can you begin to process your pain and find closure. Once you do, you’ll be able to reframe the heartbreak as a valuable lesson, and finally rid yourself of that regret you’ve been carrying. 


Your Card: Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles beckons you to let go of any distractions and outside influences that prevent you from deepening your craft or your awareness. If you want to build anything meaningful in your life, then you need to release the patterns, habits and people that keep you from consistently placing your efforts towards obtaining your true desires. Commit to your goals and to your spiritual growth. If it no longer makes you happy, serves you or helps you grow, then it has to go. This is the first step in dedicating yourself to your journey. 


Your Card: The Hierophant, reversed

Let go of all your preconceived notions, habits, traditions, and ideas that are solely responsible for keeping you stagnant. The reversal of the Hierophant is urging you to embrace unconventionality and take a different approach. It might feel terrifying, but everything worth having always involves some type of risk. Deviate from the path you’ve been on. Think outside the box. It’s okay to break the rules you have set yourself. Explore a new perspective, Capricorn. The only thing keeping you confined is you. Release the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself. 


Your Card: Ten of Wands

You need to clear the energetic clutter taking up all that valuable space in your precious life. Let go of the things that no longer light you up—those things that are no longer conducive to your happiness, desires, and personal growth. You’re not bound to any situation, relationship, or duty. You’re only obligated to do what your heart is telling you and to go after the things that bring you joy. Where in your life do you feel overwhelmed? Take stock of what it is that truly matters to you, and cut out all the rest. 


Your Card: King of Cups, reversed

The reversal of the King of Cups warns of emotional manipulation. Pause and reflect on who in your life is displaying inconsistencies between their words and actions. This is a person that you need to cut out. They don’t prioritize your well-being and only know how to put themselves first. This card can also indicate creative blockages. You need to pinpoint what is getting in the way of your creativity and release those things. These could be situations or people who cause you to feel anxious or overwhelmed. It could be your own self-doubt, or even past emotional wounds you have yet to heal.