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What’s Standing Between You And A Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Compromise. Aries, you are so in love with getting your way, you never really learned how to surrender to someone else. If you can switch your mindset to see letting someone else have what they want as an act of love, instead of losing, you will finally begin to treat love as a partnership and not a competition. You can stay true to your convictions while also making space for someone else’s.


Unrealistic standards. Taurus, we all know you want the finer things in life, but when it comes to the expectations you have for your partner, they seem to be much higher than the standards you hold yourself to. The things you’re looking at all impact the compatibility of a relationship—education, career, physical attraction—and no one is telling you love should be a total fixer upper, but open your mind to the possibility that your other half may also be a work in progress, just like you are. 


Guarded nature. Gemini, you’re not being totally upfront with potential partners, and only showing a curated version of yourself to the world based on what you think people want to see. There’s a way to open up authentically without dumping all of your baggage on someone during the first date. Practice sharing your true thoughts and feelings with your closest friends and family on a more regular basis. It will help you become more comfortable presenting the parts of you that you don’t think are as easy to understand. You’re probably underestimating the people around you.


Fear of risk-taking. Not everything in life is a gradual adjustment, Cancer. While sometimes you can dip your toes in and get wet one inch at a time, sometimes you’ve just got to jump off the diving board straight into the deep end. All relationships involve a risk, but there is also the promise of a reward. Keep your eyes on the prize instead of the potential consequences for trying and you’ll thank yourself later.


Lack of prioritization. All relationships have to start somewhere, Leo. And while your besties and all the resties have obviously been around longer, you have to show a potential romantic partner that you are capable of putting them first. Of carving out time exclusively for them instead of dragging them to whatever plans you already had made. You don’t want to feel like anyone else’s second choice, and neither should they.


Need for control. I get it Virgo. You depend on you. And how could you not when you are that efficient? But you have to give someone else the chance to show up for you, to take something off your plate. No matter how vehemently you’ll deny it, you desperately need someone to step up and say, “Hey, I’m here to take care of you in some small way,” because it is exhausting to be in charge of every single detail of your amazingly put together life. And you don’t have to be any less proud of it because someone lent you a hand.


Reliance on routine. We know you’re well-rounded, Libra. That you have all the bases covered in terms of responsibility and enjoyment. But there are times it’s appropriate to lean heavily into one or the other. There are times love feels like a complete vacation and other times it feels like a group project and no one wants to animate the powerpoint. The dependency you’re looking for can be found in the way your relationship will always come back to a stable place after the ups and downs.


Internalized feelings. You need to open your mouth, Scorpio, and not just to let someone stick their tongue inside it. All those million thoughts and feelings buzzing around in your head all day aren’t flashing in lights on your forehead like a billboard. You have to stop expecting the people you’re interested in to be clairvoyant. Explain yourself, and then give that person a chance to respond, to acknowledge all the amazing things that make you who you are.


Fear of commitment. You’re afraid of things becoming too stagnant Sagittarius. And equally afraid of someone losing interest in you. In the beginning, it’s easy to play cool and bask in your wide array of interests and hobbies like they are proof you are not boring or average. But after a while, you’re afraid a partner will recognize your insecurity that your breadth lacks depth, which you desperately want. Let someone join you in that search.


In a rush. Capricorn, you’re so afraid of starting over. That each failed relationship is only delaying that final gratification. You need to look back on each former partner for the lessons they taught you. Every step in your journey is a part of who you are and what you have to offer to someone else. Enjoy the experience for what it is and give each new start an optimistic outlook.


Too philosophical. Aquarius, you see flaws in every system. And while many of your concerns come from valid observation, it’s given you a pessimistic outlook on human relationships. Sometimes you need to leave behind the politics and cultural criticism and just focus on good old fashioned communication. Have a conversation with one individual instead of society as a whole.


Literary ideals. Pisces, your expectations are worth waiting for, but you have to learn to take people at face value. You’re too willing to imagine someone has the qualities written into characters you fawn over in books and on TV, but sometimes you’re just going to come across someone that is not for you. And instead of dreaming up facets of their personality that just aren’t there, you could be opening yourself up to more people with the potential for sincere connection.