why men will lose interest in you
Musa Ortaç

When Men Will Lose Interest In Chasing You

Sometimes, attraction can disappear in an instant. Here are some real singles discussing what suddenly made them lose interest in the woman that they had been pursuing for a while:

“She kept cancelling then would reschedule. It became comical how many times it had happened. Just tell me you aren’t interested in going out. I finally just stopped reaching out.” — Specialist_Salt_7916

“When I asked her about herself, she was happy to tell me all about it, but anytime I tried to share anything about myself she seemed immediately disinterested so I figured she just found me boring.” — DuncanIdahosGhola

“I was the one asking all the questions. The only one I’d get was how was your weekend and then she’d interrupt with something about hers.” — PewpyDewpdyPantz

“Her social media was full of man hating posts. She was one of those types who would screenshot her conversations and post them. She would brag about leaving dudes in read but at the same time complain about how she couldn’t find a good man. I didn’t want that kind of negativity in my life.” — Mundane-Taste-6995

“What made me nix a second date was the state of her cat’s litter box. If she could not care for an animal that is dependent on her, then she did not have either the compassion, maturity, or cleanliness that is the baseline of an adult partner.” — bellehoneycreeper

“Went to the bar together to hang out, she got very wasted and proceeded to flirt with every dude who looked at her. Was very turned off.” — Ok_Business84

“In casual group conversation she said had she couldn’t stand if guys wanted to cuddle or exhibit similar behaviors (hand holding, hugging, massage). As someone who likes physical touch, my interest meter cratered immediately.” — Augen76

“She got mad after the first date when I didn’t respond for one day (we had been texting for three days straight). I caught the flu and I slept all day, and when I was awake I just didn’t feel like texting anyone. She was super angry, which felt way too possessive for someone I hardly knew.” — rnottaken

“She had cheated on a past boyfriend of hers. Instantly lost my interest, which was quite unfortunate because we were good friends at the time.” — CommunicationIll2425

“We were late for dinner reservations. She said, ‘Well whatever, they’re there to serve us.’ While technically true, that rubbed me the wrong way. The other one, even though I’m not a father, is how she refers to the father of her children. Unless they’re like a flat out felon, trash talking your co-parent is not a good look.” — OpossomMyPossom

“When there wasn’t mutual initiative. If you like me, you will make the time for me. It’s not supposed to be just me trying to get you to go places and do stuff all the time.” — RightersBlauc

“She started dating another dude. I ain’t chasing nobody and I damn sure ain’t gonna beat myself up over someone in a relationship. Too many people to meet and too much fun to be had.” — Smellmyhand