When You Really Love Someone, You Prioritize Their Heart
Brandon Woelfel

When You Really Love Someone, You Prioritize Their Heart

When you really love someone, you prioritize their heart. You make them feel like they matter, not only through your words but through your actions. You can tell someone you love them until you’re blue in the face, but they are never going to believe you if you aren’t backing it up with sweet, thoughtful gestures. You can’t just say you’re there for them. You actually need to be there for them. You need to remain present on dates. You need to listen closely when they’re speaking. You need to make it clear that you value their thoughts and opinions and aren’t simply looking for them to parrot your words back to you. You need them to know that you love them, not the idea of them. The real them.

When you really love someone, you prioritize their dreams. You don’t treat their passions like a burden that you have to put up with. You genuinely cheer them on. You believe in them and make sure that they know it. You give them little pep talks whenever their self-doubt starts to creep in because you don’t want them to give up on themselves, not when they’re this close to success, not when they want it so badly. You are their biggest supporter – and not because it will earn you brownie points. Because you honestly see their potential and want them to reach it. Your words of encouragement are never empty. They are authentic because your faith in them is authentic.

When you really love someone, you prioritize their priorities. What matters to them matters to you. Even if you don’t understand why they care about a certain hobby, you take it seriously. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of a certain loved one, you treat them with respect. Their happiness causes you happiness, so you aren’t going to get in the way of what (or who) they love the most. You are going to be on their side. You are going to be their hand to hold, no matter what they’re doing or who you’re with.    

When you really love someone, you prioritize your relationship with them. You never make them feel like a backup plan. You never make hanging out with them seem like a chore. You are vocal about how much you adore spending time with them and you make it clear that you don’t mind helping them out. Whenever you do something nice for them, you don’t guilt trip them by acting like it’s a huge inconvenience for you and they better be thankful. You do nice things because you genuinely care, not because you want a pat on the back.

When you really love someone, you don’t drop all of your priorities for them. You don’t stop chasing your own dreams. You don’t stop living your own life. But you make room to prioritize the things that would make them happy too. You show them that you’re willing to put in the effort. You’re willing to spend time on the things that make them smile. You prove that you’ll go above and beyond for them because they are special. They are truly, unquestionably loved.