When You Stop Prioritizing Her, You'll Lose Her Forever
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When You Stop Prioritizing Her, You’ll Lose Her Forever

When you stop prioritizing her, she’s going to wonder whether she would be happier with someone else – or entirely on her own. She is going to start prepping for a future without you in it because she can handle herself. She doesn’t need you. She has been choosing you because she thought you were adding to her life. But if you’re only going to subtract from it, she will rethink her plans. She will rethink her commitment to you unless you prove that you are going to rise to her standards and give her what she deserves.  

When you stop prioritizing her, she’s going to wonder why she has spent so long prioritizing you. She is going to stop going out of her way to make you happy because she expects to receive the same energy that she’s giving. If you aren’t able to be there for her, then why should she continue making sacrifices for you? Why should she be expected to give up more than you do? She is willing to go above and beyond for you – but only if she trusts that you are willing to do the same. If you stop putting in effort, then all bets are off. She’s not going to tear herself apart for someone who doesn’t even realize how lucky they are to have her.  

When you stop prioritizing her, she’s going to start prioritizing herself. She isn’t going to chase after you forever. She isn’t going to beg you to give her the bare minimum. If you aren’t interested in being there for her, then she is going to be there for herself. She is going to be her own best friend, her own support system. She is going to do whatever gives her the highest chance of happiness – which probably includes leaving you. She isn’t going to stay somewhere that makes her unhappy or uncomfortable. She isn’t going to settle when she knows she’s meant for so much more.

When you stop prioritizing her, she’s going to have something to say about it. Don’t think that you can get away with treating her terribly. She isn’t going to shrug her shoulders and allow the mistreatment to continue. She is either going to speak up to you about it and demand that you change your ways, or she is going to pack her bags and go. Either way, you can’t expect her to pretend she’s okay when she’s not. You can’t fool her into believing you genuinely care when you’re only dropping breadcrumbs. If you want her, you need to show it. Your words aren’t nearly enough. Your actions need to back it up.

When you stop prioritizing her, you’re going to lose her forever. Although it won’t be easy for her to walk away, she isn’t the one going through a real loss. You are. You’re going to regret chasing away a woman who cared so much about you, who put in so much energy, who loved with all her might. You are going to regret the fact that you didn’t prioritize her when you had the chance.