Which Disney princess would win the hunger games?

Which Disney Princess Would Win ‘The Hunger Games?’

The Hunger Games has had a resurgence in popularity recently, so some people on Ask Reddit have been debating which Disney princess would have the skills to take home the win. Here are a few of the best arguments:

“Mulan. A trained warrior with excellent survival skills. She killed like 100,000 people via avalanche. Zero qualms about dealing out death and destruction on a mass scale, hands down she would win the Hunger Games.” — TitleProfessional760

“Elsa. She’s literally a magical ice goddess that can flash freeze an entire lake. The only other princess with anything approaching supernatural power is Moana, and her power is over water .” — Allfunandgaymes

“Anna. Look at all she was able to accomplish without magic. She has a can-do attitude that won’t quit. Nobody will pay attention to her because they won’t consider her a threat. She’s literally the Peeta Mellark of Disney princesses.” — kasai_usagi

“Ariel. She could just hide in the ocean until everyone else killed each other. Then when there was only one left, sneak attack!” — Affectionate_Iron998

“Kiara the lion is a princess during her entire story, even by the end because Simba and Nala are still ruling, no doubts here, she is participating. Really good chances. The best survival and body combat skills of the entire group, and also a complete disregard for the moral issues of killing others. If she’s quick to act before the others toughen up, she’ll win. If not, she’ll be bested by traps or weapons.” — Pyrocephalus-rubinus

“Raya. She can fight with the best of them, she’s a hardened survivor, and her sidekick is a literal 25-foot shapeshifting dragon.” — DerCatzefragger

“Moana is a dark horse candidate. Stick by the water. Good climber. Fearless.” — Whiskey_Vinyl

“Mulan would do well, but Pocahontas knows every rock, tree, and creature whereas Mulan probably subsisted off of army rations. Mulan may be better at melee fighting, but she could easily be killed by a weird plant or something. In a Hunger Games-like arena, it’s entirely possible for Pocahontas to slip away unarmed while everyone else fights in the cornucopia, wait atop the trees until she finds a weak target with dysentery or indigestion, steal their weapon, and climb back up. She probably also knows how to camouflage herself, start a fire with sticks, and skin animals. So she’ll remain well fed while everyone else tires themselves out.” — ruiqi22

“Merida. Katniss proved it’s all about the bow and arrow skills.” — AdmiralBofa

“Belle. She reads a lot, so she has a lot of knowledge about which food to eat, weapons, etc.” — harrypotterfan1228

“Rapunzel, she got that hair, she can use it as a blanket, climb a tree, murder people, you name it.” — RubyJuneRocket

“I’ll nominate Luisa from Encanto. I’m not sure if her super strength means super durability, but she could easily toss trees and boulders at any potential threat.” — Duane_S_Hall

“Cinderella can talk to the animals and have them take out everyone else.” — Mistayadrln

“Leia from Star Wars since she’s technically a princess, and owned by Disney now, she has a blaster, and can use the force.“ — NefariousnessLow547

“All of them. They would gang together to defeat all of the obstacles, figure out how to break out of the gaming arena, and then stop the tyrannical system.” — IWouldBeGroot