Which Is The Best New Pokemon Starter In 2022?

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Which Is The Best New Pokemon Starter In 2022?

Everyone is familiar with the original starter Pokémon: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. However, there are always new creatures being added to the franchise! Nintendo recently announced that Generation 9 is going to be released in late 2022. These games, which are titled Scarlet and Violet, have three adorable new starters. The grass-type is a kitten named Sprigatito. The fire-type is an alligator named Fuecoco. And the water-type is a duck named Quaxly. So far, the internet is torn on which is the best pick since they’re all so lovable!

I Love This Doofus

Don’t Hurt Him

Little Dude

Don’t Forget To Brush

Die For Him

Play Nice

To Break It Down

Weed Cat

McDonalds Toy

The Cooler Ducklet

Kingdom Hearts

Onto The Next One

Donald Duck

Spot The Difference

Look Familiar?

Among Us

Such A Cutie

Deep Thinker

Hot Pepper