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Why It’s Taking These 4 Zodiacs So Long To Find Their Soulmate


Gemini has a distorted sense of time. They feel like they should have been settled down long ago, but fail to acknowledge how much personal growth they’ve been experiencing in the meantime. Because the milestones they’ve been achieving aren’t the traditional ones they’ve been aspiring to, there is a disconnect, an internal discord and dissonance that they need to overcome before a true meeting of soulmates can occur. Until Gemini can recognize their self-worth and see their personal journey as one deserving of pride and love, they will keep too much of themselves hidden for a true spiritual connection to be formed. They don’t realize that in seeing their own love life as a failure they are mourning lives that would never have brought them true happiness in the first place. Those relationships didn’t lead to a life partnership because they weren’t meant to. When Gemini begins to look to the future for their personal happiness with hope and optimism, that’s when love will walk through their door.


Sagittarius is still learning what they want, and despite judgement from the outside world, it’s really a good thing. The reputation they have for not being able to settle down is undeserved. They lead their lives based on their own experience, without trusting in social conventions or taking anyone else’s word when it comes to what they should want. They need to experience different relationship dynamics before deciding who and what is going to be the best fit for the rest of their lives. They don’t want to just take a blind leap and hope for the best. They want that certainty in order to stand by their word and keep their promises with conviction. They know that two people will never truly stop growing and changing, and until it becomes clear that their story has become intertwined with someone else’s in a way that both can grow and thrive without disrupting each other’s root systems or cutting off the other’s access to sunlight, they will wait for the answer.


Libra has mistaken other people for their soulmate, settling into relationships that ultimately weren’t meant to stand the test of time. They stopped looking for more because they thought they had enough. They thought love was stubbornly sticking with what you started with, no matter how many signs pointed to the doorway. Months passed, then years, and they slowly forgot the plethora of possibilities that existed outside of that commitment. The things they wanted to do, the person they wanted to become. It’s not until these massive chapters of their live come to an end that they slowly begin to emerge from the fog and reconnect with their inner selves. The 20/20 vision hindsight offers reveals what was lacking in that relationship and creates a map for Libra to find the person that is actually best suited for them. The deeper the work they do, the more they realize how much they are capable of doing for themselves, which in turn, informs them what they are truly looking for in another person. 


Aquarius has met their soulmate already, and just hasn’t come to terms with that fact on a variety of levels. There are feelings and intuition they’ve purposely ignored, and other signs that they simply haven’t been able to see right under their nose. Convention and logic have blurred and confused something so pure and easy, but it’s not all Aquarius’ fault. Their soulmate is battling similar internal struggles, and maybe a few external circumstances as well. Both parties need to and will grow into an emotional maturity that will allow them to finally come together. In hindsight this process will become a much cherished and entertaining anecdote from which the romance emerged, but the important part is what comes after. The healthy communication. The trust. The consistence. The stability. When the guessing games and the questioning come to a clear end, it becomes blatantly apparent what the better way of behaving is to each party, and both make every effort to create that safe loving space for the other.