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Why People Undervalue You, Based On Your Birth Month

At the end of the day, every single human being wants to feel like they bring value to the lives of others, and to the world around them. So, it can be deeply disheartening when you’ve poured so much of your energy into your connections, and the things you deeply care about, only to feel like you aren’t appreciated or seen within your efforts. 

Below, we lean into what others often undervalue about you, and we hope you can see those things as your greatest strength. Because the truth is — not everyone will see the value you have within you. Certain people may not afford the same level of importance to the things that make you special, to the things that fill you with worth, and that is okay. All you have to focus on is putting the most honest version of yourself into this world, and the right human beings will appreciate you and celebrate you. The right human beings will see you clearly.


If you were born in January, you hold within yourself a deep inner strength. People tend to undervalue just how capable you are of carrying yourself through different challenges, because you deal with everything that tries to weather you without asking for help or revealing that you’re struggling. Your inner strength makes you the kind of person who others can count on, and you manage to lead those around you in an almost effortless way. It is one of the most important, and beneficial aspects of your character, but it can often go unnoticed, or others may take it for granted, because you move within it so quietly and gracefully. 


If you were born in February, your heart is one of the most beautiful aspects about you. However, others may not often see the value in such a sensitive tenderness because they sometimes consider it to be a weakness. In reality, your softness makes you intuitive, and extremely connected to the world around you. It anchors you, and makes you the kind of person who adds goodness into this Universe. People who are disconnected and hardened to their own souls may not see it as something to celebrate, but it is an immensely priceless characteristic of what makes you so special. 


If you were born in March, your harmony is one of the most valuable things about you. You are the reason why this world is so just, but the people around you might undervalue your neutrality and your inability to take sides because they themselves would prefer for you to have stronger opinions. However, your capacity to see all sides, and to weigh all aspects of a situation, is what enables you to be averse to judging things incorrectly, or living your life through a lens of bias, and that is a deeply beneficial character trait to have. 


If you were born in April you are a beautifully curious human being, and you bring that sense of interest everywhere you go in this world. You leave no stone unturned, and you often live a very listless, adventurous life. Those around you undervalue your curious nature because they often see it as something that makes you flighty and irresponsible. However, your capacity to be awed by this Universe, and to continue to lean into the mysteries of the world, afford you a unique experience within it, and allow for you to live your life to the fullest.


If you were born in May, you have the most beautiful ability to be alone with yourself. You have truly learned how to be at home within yourself, and your solitude does not scare you. Others may not see this as a valuable character trait, because they themselves cannot sit within their quiet and feel comfortable there, but there is an immense amount of growth and strength to be found in being able to be your own best friend. Knowing the difference between loneliness and solitude is priceless, and you connect with that in a way that anchors you more than most in this world.


If you were born in June, you are extremely kind-hearted and you give back to this world through the action you take within it. You give so much of yourself to others, and to the causes that you care deeply about. Others may not see this as a valuable trait because they consider caring so deeply about issues that at times feel hopeless is futile, but your nature is so effortlessly pure, and the world needs more human beings who are passionate and emboldened within that passion. Your capacity to take action from the most honest part of your heart is priceless, and it makes this Universe a better place. 


Statistically speaking, those born in July are more likely than others to have an extremely high level of intelligence. Your mind is the most valuable aspect of who you are, and you think differently about the world around you in a way that moves it forward. Others may not see this as something of value, but in the right spaces, you are seen as an innovator, and your brilliance is often rewarded. Being smart, being sharp-witted and bright — that is what you will be remembered for. Don’t let anyone underestimate that part of who you are.


If you were born in August, you are incredibly hard-working and you will often do whatever it takes in order to achieve the things you dream of achieving. Others may underestimate your work ethic, and the sheer amount of effort you put into something when you have your sights set on it. There is an immense amount of value in being the kind of person who has foresight, and who understands that the tireless, diligent work they commit themselves to is leading them towards their greater purpose. You fight for what you want, and that holds so much worth in this world.


If you were born in September, you hold within yourself a soft kind of innocence. Those around you might underestimate just how strong you are, because softness is often associated with weakness. However, it is your pure spirit and your tenderness that empowers you to go out into this world and make it a kinder place. You have the kind of heart that changes others, and you make those who see you clearly want to be better human beings. At the end of the day — there is so much value in being loved by a person like you, in connecting with a soul like yours. 


As someone who was born in October, you are an incredibly social creature. You connect effortlessly with others and you have a comforting nature that makes those around you feel safe within your energy. Some might take your kindness for granted, and question how you could possibly be friends with, and foster bonds with, so many people. However, there is beauty in being the kind of person who wants to connect, and who uses their charisma to make others feel comfortable and at ease. Your ability to bring people together is something that is immensely valuable in a world that sometimes chooses distance over depth. 


If you were born in November, you are deeply empathetic, and feel an immense amount of responsibility for the world around you and for those within it. You feel what others are feeling, and you can pick up on their emotions in ways that they might not even recognize at times. This kind of intuition is often seen as a weakness, but it is truly what makes you so strong, and so important in this Universe. Your compassion and your emotional intelligence allows for you to change others through connection, and that is a rare and beautiful gift. 


If you were born in December, you are an extremely generous human being. You are always the first person to offer your time, your resources, and your help when others need it. However, there are some people in this world that undervalue your benevolence because they are often too consumed with taking advantage of your kindness. These human beings will take, and take and take, because they assume that your kind hearted nature makes you lack boundaries. However, on the other hand, there are people who value your gentle heart and your giving nature, and they see how priceless it is to have a soul like that in a world that can be greatly selfish at times. The Universe needs more people like you within it.