Why The Single Life Is Superior In 2023
Caique Nascimento

Why The Single Life Is Superior In 2023

Sometimes, staying single is a way better option than getting into a relationship. Here are some singles on the reason why they’re actually having an amazing time on their own:

“You get to put yourself first. Take care of yourself. You’re your own biggest fan, and the only one you’ve got. 100% learn to love yourself.” — happier_days

“The holidays. I am close to my family, and love being able to spend all of Thanksgiving and Christmas with them, not having to compromise and go anywhere else.” — cml678701

“Eating what I want when I want. Meals don’t happen before I’m hungry. When I’m hungry I can make food without snubbing the option of a joint dinner.” — BrightNooblar

“Everything is exactly where I left it. I don’t have to worry about dishes, laundry, etc being done incorrectly (yes, there’s a way to always get both clean). I can spend my time and money on what I want without having to hear about it. Nobody steals my blankets at night. And best of all? There’s no longer someone with a legal right to outright steal from me.” — BuildingAFuture21

“You’re able to act exclusively for your own betterment without having to consider anyone else.” — monkeybawz

“Definitely freedom. I got offered my dream job that just so happened to be across the country a few years ago and was able to accept it without a second thought. If I had been in a serious relationship I wouldn’t have been able to pack up and ditch town like that, and I’m so glad for it. The life I’ve made here is amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anyone.” — KingMaleficent2724

“I like the idea of not having to answer to anyone about anything, to go about freely and not have to worry about anything else but myself. I also enjoy the fact that I’m not walking on eggshells waiting for the bottom to fall out, always waiting for things to end. The only person who can break my heart is myself!” — BitchLasagna84

“When I get off work, I go home and do whatever I want. Make music, play video games, have a beer, work on art or a craft project. It’s great. I literally walk in my front door most days, take a deep breath, and express my thankfulness that I’m single.” — Myzx

“Not staying up several hours past the time you really want to go to bed out of respect for your partner’s schedule.” — seneeb

“Not being on the hook for someone else’s good time. Not saying I can’t have a good time with a partner. It’s just much easier when I only have myself to worry about.” — PastResponsibility

“I can eat whatever I want for dinner. I don’t have to consider anyone else’s opinions. I can plan out whatever I want.” — lady_laughs_too_much

“Sleeping alone. I miss cuddling with a partner before bed, but the actual sleeping part is fantastic alone.” — heathahR

“You can leave family functions on your own terms.” — bruteski226

“You don’t have to deal with another person’s shenanigans. Also, it is a healing process to work on being peaceful with yourself first.” — Cazador21