Maria Orlova

Why They Regret Losing You, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Eight of Wands

With you, everything felt in alignment, like all the pieces just fell into place. In the time you’ve spent apart, they’ve come to many realizations and breakthroughs about your relationship, albeit too late. Letting you go is something that they may never forgive themselves for. Not a day goes by that they don’t think about what could have been—what should have been. They so badly want to reach out to you, but something stops them every time they almost do. 


Your Card: Knight of Cups

No matter how hard they try, they can’t escape you, not even in sleep. Their nights are haunted by dreams of you. Leaving your relationship behind is something that haunts them. What they miss the most about you is your fearless vulnerability—how you expressed your emotions with sincerity and were always true to yourself. They want a reconciliation. If they make themselves known in your life again, be careful that it’s you that they want and that they’re not just romanticizing what you had.


Your Card: Justice, reversed

Now that you’re gone, they can see how they treated you harshly and unfairly. They regret the way things ended and their role in the demise of your relationship. They know that they’re mostly to blame, and they wish that it wasn’t too late to make up for their mistakes. If they could turn back time, they would have shown you compassion when you needed it. They would have taken accountability for their actions when they had a chance. The guilt eats them alive to this day. 


Your Card: The Empress

This person has come to realize that a huge part of their heart still has your name written all over it. For them, there is and never will be anyone quite like you. You gave them unconditional love, Cancer. With you, they got to experience a softer side of life and romance. Nothing could ever match the beauty of what you offered. No one loves the way you do. They miss you and your tenderness every single day. 


Your Card: Five of Cups, reversed

Now that you’ve moved on from the pain and heartbreak they caused you, they miss you. They regret losing you because they can’t stand seeing you move on without them in your life. You’re thriving and happier than ever, and that kills them. You’ve let go of your past with them, and they’ve only run back deeper into it. If this person tries to come back to you, remember all it took to pick up the pieces of your broken heart. They didn’t deserve you then, and they don’t deserve you now. 


Your Card: Ace of Swords

When you were together, this person lacked clarity on what they wanted. Now that they’ve lost you, the answer is only you. They regret losing out on the most amazing partner they could have had. No one can match your intellect, your confidence, and your honesty. They miss how clearly and fearlessly you communicated your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas. You challenged their perspective. Life with you was stimulating and exciting. It kills them to know they can’t get that back.


Your Card: Seven of Cups, reversed

This person regrets not being decisive when it came to your relationship. Their behavior left you with a lack of clarity about where you stood while simultaneously giving you hope. You kept hanging on until you got tired of wasting your time. Now that you can view the past with a more realistic perspective and understand your emotional needs, you know that you’re better off. They know it, too, and they hate themselves for not choosing you when they had a chance. You’re forever the one who got away—the one they let get away. 


Your Card: Seven of Pentacles, reversed

Instead of investing in your relationship, they invested in other things—this is their biggest regret. If they could change things, they’d dedicate themselves to building something strong and lasting with you. They spent so much time focusing on work and other pursuits, neglecting your connection in the process. It’s hard for them to forgive themselves for not making you feel like a priority. Your needs, desires, and expectations weren’t met. They regret giving you the bare minimum and not the profound, passionate, committed love you’ve always craved.


Your Card: Knight of Wands

They still burn for you, Sagittarius. How could they not? You opened up their world to new experiences, perspectives, and colors they never knew existed. Your radical honesty, your free spirit, and your passion for life are things they’re convinced they’ll always miss. This person thinks a lot about reaching out and trying for a reconciliation. Don’t be surprised if you hear from them, but be careful and absolutely certain that they’re willing to heal the things that broke you up in the first place. 


Your Card: Four of Swords

You were their sanctuary, Capricorn. Their peace. A place they could call home. With you, they could be unapologetically themselves, without fear of judgment. They got too comfortable in your relationship and started to take that and you for granted. Eventually, they made you feel lonely and disconnected. You stayed until you were drained. They realized their mistakes too late and regret them to this day. They miss how you made them feel. They miss your comfort and safety. They have yet to open up to someone else the way they did with you. 


Your Card: The Moon, reversed

The Moon in reversal indicates that this person deceived you in some way—they may have lied to you, cheated, made it unclear where you stood, or omitted a truth from you. Disappointing you, failing to meet your expectations, and betraying your trust are their biggest regrets. They’re torn up over it, but they know that it’s too late. There’s always going to be unresolved feelings on their end because they can’t make it up to you the way they wish they could. This person is having a hard time letting go of the past—letting go of you. 


Your Card: Nine of Cups, reversed

This person failed to make you happy and fulfill your emotional needs and desires. They’re utterly miserable now without you in their life. It took losing you to appreciate you. They regret not doing the inner work necessary to emotionally connect with you on a deeper level. Any time you tried to get them to open up, they shot you down, when what you needed was intimacy and vulnerability. Because of their deep-rooted issues, they couldn’t meet you where you were at. It’s only now, too late, that they’re willing to work on those things.