Katerina Holmes

Why You Might Not Want To Marry Your Soulmate

Have you ever read Eat Pray Love? If so, you remember that scene in India where Elizabeth’s friend is telling her that the guy she’s heartbroken over may have been her soulmate, which is exactly why she needs to let him go. He goes on to explain that a soulmate is a mirror. They smack you awake and introduce you to who you really are so that you can change your life. They’re only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time.

They come into your life EXACTLY when you need them. They become your life raft for a while. They help you start to heal from whatever it is that you need to heal from. You get used to having them around and you like that someone is there for you every day. But then one day the communication lessens and the connection disappears. But the thing is, you’re okay.

See, they leave when you’re okay. You were broken and they helped you start to put yourself back together. The universe gave you that time to start to heal and gave you a breather. Now it’s time for them to leave and let you heal yourself.

See, if they were meant to be in your life forever, they would be. The perfect person for you will be in your life forever. They will meet the healed version of you. When you meet them, you will understand why all the others had to leave your life. They were meant to teach you a lesson. That lesson was that you are worth healing! You needed to learn that lesson so you could become the best version of yourself. If you hadn’t learned that lesson, would you be happy? Think about that. Would you have the things you have right now? Would you be living the life you were meant to? Probably not, huh?

You’ll be forever grateful to that person for helping you start to heal and you’ll hold them in such high regard. You won’t regret the time they were in your life. They pulled you out of whatever rut you were in. They inspired you to keep going.