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Wildly Underrated 90s Movies To Watch This Weekend


“Robert De Niro and Robin Williams star in this movie about a miraculous new drug that can bring people in catatonic states out of their comas. Imagine slipping into a coma and waking up 30 years later to an entirely new world. It’s based on a true story about a drug with the same effects and it’s the most heartbreaking movie I’ve ever seen.” — [deleted]

Drop Dead Gorgeous

“This is a mockumentary about a beauty pageant in a small Minnesota town. Stars Kirsten Dunst and has a ton of other people in it but for some reason not enough people have seen it in my experience. Drop Dead Gorgeous > Bring It On.” — deaddovestore


“This was the first movie about college that I saw, so I love it. I guess it’s an early 90s version of Animal House. It’s the funniest role I’ve ever seen Jeremy Piven in, and a very young David Spade is also great. You’ll recognize plenty of now-famous actors in this movie before they were well-known.” — bjc8787

10 Things I Hate About You

“I love the opening sequence where the popular girls are dancing in their car and Kat pulls up blasting ‘Bad Reputation’ and just gives them the funniest look of disdain. Everyone should watch this movie before high school to learn how to be.” — pesarchickr

The Prince of Egypt

“Even if you aren’t religious it is an amazing film. Perfect art direction and one of the best Animated musical soundtracks ever.” — jrgolden42

What About Bob?

“This is one of Bill Murray’s best movies in my opinion, and is such a good 90s movie.” — blinker265

True Romance

“I think it came out the same weekend as Jurassic Park or some such blockbuster so it never got the box office props it deserves. Brilliant story by Quentin Tarantino and so many great actors. My favorite movie ever.” — chemtrails250


“Seriously underrated movie that doesn’t get near the love it deserves. Plus it’s cool seeing James Van Der Beek playing a high school villain. Can’t recommend it enough.” — Munkie91087

Interview with the Vampire

“Watch it in Blu-Ray. The VFX were amazing; not just for the time, they still are, and they held up very well.” — Deradius

The Faculty

“Seriously, it will put all your high school problems in perspective, even before the movie officially starts.” — [deleted]

Dazed and Confused

“I was born a year after it came out but it doesn’t matter one bit, it’s universal. I only watched it a couple of years ago, so I wasn’t much older than the characters in the movie. I felt like I recognized everyone in the film, it just nails so many types of people, the atmosphere of a day centered around a party, and that ‘what now?’ feeling you get when the see the sun begin to rise afterwards, even more resonant at that age.” — scrantonic1ty

The Relic

“My favorite monster movie from 1997. As a horror movie it’s great in a ‘so bad it’s good’ way but it’s also full of some very amusing witty banter and a couple satisfying deaths-by-monster.” — Novah11


“Reese Witherspoon is awesome in that movie!” — huckandthim


“It’s a great snapshot of Grunge-era Seattle culture and very representative of the 90s in general.” — SovietPropagandist


“This was a bomb but I enjoyed it very much. It’s like Mad Max in the ocean.” — mrmatthunt