Women Wish Their Partners Did These 21 Romantic Things (Without Them Needing To Ask)

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Women Wish Their Partners Did These 21 Romantic Things (Without Them Needing To Ask)

If you want to make your girlfriend happy, it’s not that hard. Here are a few romantic things that she wishes you would do more frequently:

“It’s cute when he buys me a plant or flowers, but it’s also sweet when he makes me breakfast, or makes the perfect coffee just how I want it, or small things like putting a new bag in the trash can.” — Queen-of-meme

“I used to love it when my fiancé left me little notes that said I LOVE YOU or other sweet messages when he went to work. Much more personal than a text message.” – SavaRox

“If my boyfriend is busy doing something, he sometimes randomly stops what he is doing and comes to hug me or kiss me and it’s the best thing ever.” — zxdc1

“When you are having sex and he’s on top and looking down at you and says you look so good or you look beautiful. Or when he stares at you with a look because something you said or did was cute to him. “ — SouthernFastBell

“When a guy pulls you close in your sleep. Straight butterflies.” — Downtown_Pineapple33

“A massage for no reason.” — Dios-De-Pollos

“Opening the car door for me. I never thought about it until he did it.” — Junior-Commission403

“Doing dishes, and they come up, give you a warm hug from behind, whisper an I love you, and hold you tight for a moment… Aaaah, I live for those moments!” — DarkestEmber

“Planning things! Setting aside time and orchestrating something special and nice for us to do.” — Fantastic-Ad-4758

“Kissing me romantically around my body.” — Chobo_AkaThat0negirl

“Randomly surprise me with a little gift (a cup of coffee, flowers whether hand picked or market, a piece of chocolate).” — meow1983

“Small gifts like chocolates when I’m on my period or not feeling well and he knows it. “ — Xx_didgy_xX

“Occasional check-ins (Anything on your mind?, How was your day?, How are you feeling?).” — Kubikake

“I love when my husband either rubs my back or plays with my hair. Oh, also forhead kisses.” — imnotyourproblemyet

“I need my man to walk beside me, not in front. My ex was really tall and I had to hustle to keep up with him sometimes. I didn’t like that.” — Xx_didgy_xX

“Listen to my music recommendations and share some with me, remember stories I have shared with you, let me vent without giving me unsolicited advice, ask to cuddle.” — BlackBoxMerlotBitch

“Show some affection all the time, not just when he wants something in the bedroom. Such a HUGE turnoff!” — SharkLandia

“I think for me, it’s knowing what I would want without asking. It’s the little stuff like, ‘I saw this meme and thought of you!’ or ‘Oh, you were talking about wanting hair clips last week, and I saw this in Target!’ or ‘You said you had a bad day, so I picked up some flowers.’ It’s also having basic awareness to see when things are dirty or trash needs to be taken out or we’re running low on something. I think that’s the big thing for me: empathy and awareness. Treating me like a peer, being aware of my interests, watching how I react to certain things, and realizing something needs replacing, cleaning, etc and acting on it.” — TheJostler

“Random compliments or positive reminders/affirmations.” — Kubikake

“Reach out spontaneously to take my hand.” — meow1983

“Ever heard of making a nice meal for your partner? It’s a staple.” — My_Space_page