You’re The Main Character, So Start Acting Like It

We sometimes let ourselves fade into the background. We fade away when we’re in a group, letting those around us take the spotlight. We even fade away in our own minds. We tell ourselves that we’re not good enough. That we’re not ready yet. That if we just get past this one obstacle or problem, only then can we have the life we want.

When you’re limiting yourself, you’re treating yourself like a side character–like the quirky best friend who gets very little screen time and is only used to make the main character look good. Diminishing your glow is the last thing you should be doing.

Here’s the thing, we’re all the main characters of our own stories. You might have seen TikTok “put a finger down” challenges that clue you in to whether you’re the main character. They give points for fun hair, for quirky jobs, and for fitting in with the majority. If you didn’t pass their narrow view of what makes someone a protagonist, you might have felt relegated to the role of side character or–even worse–the walk-on extra who just sits in the background sipping an empty mug and letting everyone else shine.

Guess what: You’re the main character. You see everything through those beautiful eyes. You are at the center of your world, so it’s time to live that way. Get it out of your head that you aren’t good enough. That you don’t deserve the good things. Even if you want time to yourself, think of it as the leisure time of someone who’s worth the relaxation. If you’re letting others shine, do it knowing that you’ll have your moment, too.

So start romanticizing your life. Wear that fun hat that you’ve worried will make you stick out. Say yes to new experiences. Go on impromptu road trips. Stick tickets stubs and cool looking leaves in your journal. Jump in puddles as it rains and lay out on a blanket underneath the stars.

Treat yourself like you’re worth it. Accept that the people in your life have chosen you because you’re special–because you’re worth having around. Believe people when they say they like you. Accept compliments with a smile and a heartfelt “thanks.”

Because true main characters live their lives fully, not letting fear keep them from experiencing joy. And you’re the main character, so start acting like it.