Kkevin Turcios

4 Zodiac Signs That Give Out Far Too Many Second Chances

Everyone makes mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with giving someone a second chance. However, giving out third and fourth and fifth chances might be a mistake. If you have one of the zodiac signs listed below, you might be a little too forgiving for your own good:


You cannot stand confrontation, so you give out second chances constantly. You would rather sweep problems under the rug than deal with them. You would rather believe the other person is sorry than demand an apology from them. However, conflict is a part of life. Even in healthy relationships, there are bound to be arguments from time to time. You’re allowed to speak up when you’re upset. You have a voice that deserves to be heard. You can’t continue letting people take advantage of you. You can’t assume you deserve their harsh treatment. If you want to be treated better, start demanding better.


You have a soft heart. You see the best in people. You want to believe that their apologies are genuine, that they can do better in the future. However, not everyone has morals as strong as yours. Not everyone is going to take a good, hard look at the mistakes they’ve made and learn from them. Some people are lying to you, or manipulating you, when they promise they aren’t going to hurt you again. If they make their disrespect a habit, then you don’t have to be the bigger person. You don’t have to lead with forgiveness. You’re allowed to put your foot down and decide you deserve better. You’re allowed to walk away when they keep hurting you over and over again.


You’re a problem solver. You assume you have the power to fix bad relationships, so you never give up on them without a fight. You never want to walk away from someone special. You would rather examine the problem, figure out why the other person behaved the way they did, and come up with a compromise. However, not everyone will be willing to compromise with you. Not everyone is interested in changing. Besides, it’s not your responsibility to teach others the proper way to behave. They should treat you the way you deserve without being given lessons or ultimatums. You deserve to be surrounded by people who see your worth from the beginning.     


You’re impulsive and fickle. You might decide you want nothing to do with a certain person, then drunk text them in the middle of the night. You might intend on walking away from them forever and then turn back around in a few months and give them another shot. Even though you’re comfortable walking away, you have a hard time staying away. If you realize you made a mistake, that’s fine, but you need to think through your actions. Don’t run back to someone you know isn’t good for you. Don’t get rid of all the progress you’ve made. If this person hurt you before, they could hurt you again.