12 People Reveal Their Stance On Testing Their Partner’s Loyalty (To See If They Cheat)

12 Hot Takes On Couples Testing Their Partner’s Loyalty (To See If They Cheat)

There are certain people who actually pay others to flirt with their partners, so they can test whether their partner cheats. Even though it’s becoming more and more common, most people are entirely against the idea. Here are a few people’s hot takes on testing their partner’s loyalty:

“If you feel the need to question your partner’s loyalty in the first place – either you don’t really need to do the test (you know they’ll cheat), or you’re an insecure individual seeing problems when they aren’t there. The test doesn’t serve a purpose. Either they won’t cheat and you’ve basically announced you don’t think they’re trustworthy. Why would you stay with someone if you don’t trust them and/or don’t think they trust you? Or, they will cheat – and let’s face it, the people who will, will do it without a test. It’s just a way to catch them.” — CitronicGearOn

“It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy. If you seek the bad in life you’ll find it.” — Conkercrete

“It’s insulting to your partner. If you feel the need to test them, you clearly don’t trust them. What happens when the test goes weird and you’re unsatisfied with the results? You’ll try again. With each attempt, you’ll end up wanting them to cheat so you can justify wasting all this time setting your partner up. Just have some faith in your partners ability to not be an absolutely horrible person.” — BoyThatsJustCraZ

“If you don’t trust your partner enough to let them live their life, you should not be in a relationship with that person. Either you need to work on yourself or they are not worth your time.” — Narutophanfan1

“Grossly manipulative. 🚩🚩🚩” — sleepyratprincess

“Without trust you cannot sustain a relationship. I do understand that you might feel uncertainty, but trust is something that is built over time. When you are thinking of ‘setting up’ your partner it is too late. That is why others say you should break up. If you think the relationship is salvageable then you need to be honest with your partner. Only honesty builds trust.” — JocelynK906

“That’s very insecure behavior. A cheater will show themselves eventually.” — detective_kiara

“You’re just asking for trouble in my opinion. Can’t really end well. They’re either cheating, they call you out for being insecure and having a lack of trust. Or you’re lucky and don’t get caught but chances are they will find out eventually anyway, so prepare yourself for that.” — TattedUpN9ne

“If you do that, you shouldn’t have gone with them if you don’t even trust them that much.” — RIPMakeshift2020

“If someone does that to me, I’ll cheat out of spite. Other than that, it’s gross, manipulative and immature.” — Kaiser93

“If you have to test them then you shouldn’t be with them at all.” — Supreme_cheese13

“Break up with them. There’s no trust.” — Twitch_YungFeetGod69