12 Signs You’re Getting Cheated On

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12 Signs You’re Getting Cheated On Right Now

“Watch their phone behavior, for starters. Do they hide the screen when you walk behind them? Have they added a password or changed the password? (This may be innocent but could be suspicious.) Are they texting into the wee hours of the night while neglecting you? Have they disabled the little notifications that pop up without having to unlock the phone? Some of these might not be a problem on their own, but you’ll often notice other behaviors at the same time, like they ignore and neglect you more, find reasons to be in another room, take their phone to the bathroom all the time, or go for lots of breaks away from you. You’re on the lookout for secretive behaviors, neglect, and distance.” — cabalavatar

“When they become cagey about things they’re normally open about. Have known a couple people who did this. Very open, liked to talk about their entire day, would answer near any question. Then suddenly they’d be out on a night with their friend/s and the details of the night could be summed up in a couple words or there’d be odd gaps in the story while they remember and try to sort through it all.” — Hobbes09R

“When my husband cheated, he wouldn’t ever let me go to work related get togethers that the other spouses would attend.” — Pinkbuttercream85

“When you get a STD when you were previously clean.” — No-Possibility4256

“The girl my partner was cheating with was conspicuous in absence. He told me everything about his co-workers except for this one. I thought something was going on and sadly, I was right. For anyone who’s reading this and either has suspicions or has been cheated on, I need you to know it’s not a reflection on you. It’s not your fault, and you will be okay.” — BettieKat

“They tell you in a moment of anger, then try to pull it back.” — Johnnymi25

“Changing passwords to devices after being okay with you having access to them. Lack of intimacy over long stretches of time. No longer wanting to sleep next to you at all, go on dates, or do anything a couple would usually do. And my biggest flag is finding things that you’re damn sure aren’t yours, but they try to pass the item off like it’s always been yours.” — DarkInkPixie

“When they accuse you of accusing them of cheating – and that has nothing to do with the conversation. At all.” — sherivero

“There is a seismic shift in the relationship. I can remember pinpointing the day something changed, and suddenly you aren’t being texted first, they’re busy and can’t hang out as much, and sex almost always stops or becomes very infrequent. The partner seems colder, further away, and less enthusiastic. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel something is off. At least, it’s always been that way, in my opinion.“ — Ramshacked

“My ex would sleep with her phone under her pillow.” — Cophed

“When they suddenly start taking extra interest in their appearance and getting in shape by ‘going for walks’ even up to 10 pm by the time they return and they don’t answer your worried calls because ‘they had music on with headphones.’ And when you ask them why they didn’t answer it’s because ‘they didn’t hear the calls come in’ despite you having the exact same phone and know that the incoming calls cut over the music.” — trevb75

“If they cheated on someone to be with you, well…. don’t be shocked, is all.” — Tyrphanax