13 People Reveal The Real Reason They Believe In Astrology

13 People Reveal The Real Reason They Believe In Astrology

Some people don’t believe in zodiacs – but other people read their horoscope every single day. Whether you’re a believer or are a little bit skeptical, here are some reasons why people pay close attention to astrology:

“Following it is not only fun, but it empowers me to become more insightful and aware of how the emotions of myself and others around me are affecting their behaviors. Learning about astrology I think has made me a more empathetic person because I do notice smaller details about my friends, and I can support them more effectively. It’s the same thing as say the enneagram, Myers Briggs types, or love languages. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to try to understand yourself and your peers better. Adding astrological elements just makes it more fun.” — sunlit_cairn

“Because I always feel stressed and anxious. I need to be tethered to something.” — LackDecent

“I’m a super rationale person, I’m governed by logic and science. But I really like astrology. I like how it doesn’t fit a pattern of logic but somehow feels right. Like a puzzle piece from another box that somehow fits the puzzle you’re working on. It might not make sense, but it is what it is. I like how it’s nonsense but at the same time connects with me. In a world where everything in my life needs to make sense and conform to reality, I like that I can stop and pause and read about myself in a way that helps me understand myself for no good reason whatsoever. I’m comforted by the grey area it lives in.” — llama_

“Because, when I was high as fuck, someone did my whole chart and I’ve never felt more understood….still chasing that buzz” — bilyeu4life

“I believe in Zodiac but I don’t think you have to be exactly like your sun sign. You could relate more to your moon and ascendant. For example, I’m a Taurus and I actually am pretty stubborn. I like relaxing and eating. But I’m not possessive or jealous and I’m not gonna use my sign as an excuse for liking to argue. I’m also a very sensitive person and I cry a lot. I didn’t know my moon sign (rules your emotions) was Cancer until a year ago and I was like okay, well that makes sense. Again I don’t use it as an excuse for me crying a lot. People who are genuinely educated in Astrology aren’t going to use their signs as an excuse to be an ass, but we can use the ‘negative traits’ we might possess to self reflect and work on ourselves” — 777taurus

“It’s fun and doesn’t hurt anyone else. There’s also a difference between believing and interpreting what is written. I find it brings a sense of control.” — HardPass10

“It’s because we’re made of the stars, so why wouldn’t the movement of the stars have an impact on our lives? I’m not talking the generic stuff you read in magazines but getting a full on natal chart done. It’s not so crazy, is it? The moon is a celestial body that has a tangible effect on physical things like the tides, but on people’s psyches (hence the term lunacy).” — clarenceismyanimus

“Because I’m a typical Pisces.” — Faptasydosy

“Stars and shit are cool. Also I’m autistic so I see patterns in numbers.” — OneEyedOneHorned

“Because it’s fun! I started learning about it as a kid because my mom had some books laying around. Thought it was interesting, the way a personality quiz online might be fun to do. Like ‘oh yeah that’s totally me! Haha’ Seeing as I already memorized friends and family’s birthdays I started seeing some patterns and saw the (verrry general) traits of the zodiac manifested. Not super clearly, not every time, but enough to keep me interested! As an adult I’ve really been digging into it more. The internet certainly helps! It’s a great hobby because there is SO MUCH material out there to study! Signs, planets, degrees, aspects, elements… it’s like laying out a big puzzle. Connecting pieces of information and putting them together. It’s one of many tools I can use to decipher myself and the world around me. I know it’s not scientific, and I’m fine with that. I enjoy it and it helps me. I don’t need to convince anyone and I certainly don’t bother anyone with my ‘Astro takes’ unless they ask for it. That said – I’ve become pretty good at pinpointing other people’s signs 😉” — judimasu

“In one word: Fun. In many words: Helps create a false sense of control, like making sense of the messy life patterns. I don’t believe in horoscopes. They are garbage. I like the personality profiles (zodiac) though, it’s similar to create target personas in marketing. It’s dummy and not exactly accurate but gives an idea.” — Slightlyunlucky

“Have you ever had a full natal chart done? A lot of people, even people who at a surface level believe in astrology look at their sun sign which is just kind of BS and doesn’t really apply to them in the first place. It’s a lot like any personality test. And rather than looking at it like a self-limiting box, the real purpose is to see your flaws and grow past them rather than relying on them and saying shit like, ‘ooh I’m such a cancer, and this excuses x action.'” — UnstrungUniverse

“I feel like someone understands me. It gives me a sense of validation or identity that near and dear ones couldn’t.” — robinholmes2020